Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well, hello there! I keep telling myself I'd blog but I just have too many other things to do so I rarely come back here. Anyway, I got the above hashtag from Twitter as usual, so I thought I'l blab about it here :) 

1. I day dream a lot. Like A LOT. 
2. I have already planned 10 years ahead of my life. 
3. I love to read but I never have the time so my books are just collecting dust. 
4. I love white roses
5. I have a teddy bear that I sleep with every night called, Pinky Bear. 
6. I've got 6 dreamcatchers and I want more. 
7. I've always wanted to go to UK because I have a weird obsession with UK.
8. Speaking of obsession, I'm obsessed with potatoes. 
9. My room is my safe haven. 
10. I'm a big fan on indie music 
11. I secretly want to marry Ed Sheeran someday. 
12. I go all gaga when I see any clothing with floral prints. 
13. I don't like handbags and make-ups. 
14. My favourite drink is Coca-Cola hands down. 
15. The best friend I could ever have is Juan Margrita. 
16. My favourite colour is purple and red. 
17. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was small. 
18. I have a thing for guys with chest hair. LOL.
19. I want Coldplay, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to come to Malaysia so badly
20. I hate people who like to show off. 
21. I hate hypocrites. 
22. 22 is my favourite number :) 
23. I dont like people who wears mask and pretend to be someone they're not. 
24. I want to work in Africa someday. 
25. I want to work with UNICEF to be exact, someday. 
26. Literature is a part of me that is slowly growing. 
27. God has been a vital part of my life this whole year. Its amazing. 
28. I currently have 31,969 tweets. 
29. I currently have 2702 friends on Facebook. 
30. If I dont get married by 30, I decided to not get married at all. 
31. I've had only one serious relationship before, lasted 3 years. 
32. I have a soft spot for country music. 
33. I am always terrified going out on dates. 
34. I like scented candles.
35. I like those lantern lights and wished they had them at my wedding, if I get married. 
36. I have the best housemates and coursemates I could ever ask for. 
37. I am regretting agreeing to do this because I cant think. 
38. I want to study in UK someday, probably for my Masters. 
39. I have 33 dresses. 
40. I need my 8 hours of sleep everyday. lol
41. I tend to be judgmental at times and its not a good thing.
42. I have a memory box where I keep significant memories in there. 
43. I have the one person that 'got away'
44. I want to sing in front of a crowd someday, but I'm scared. 
45. I really badly wanna do bungee jumping one day.
46. I consider myself a hopeless romantic but I dont know how to show it. 
47. I like weird and nerdy people. 
48. I always dream of having the perfect apartment that I decorate and everything. 
49. I hope to complete my PhD by the time I'm 30.
50. I want to volunteer to teach at the Oprah Foundation or UNICEF organization. 
51. I want to make enough money so I can donate to the unfortunate people. 
52. I'm out of ideas, can I just end it now? 
53. I happen to be good at making drinks. LOL 
54. My laptop, pencil box, purse and bed sheet is red. 
55. My sister and I share clothes. 
56. I am currently lying down on the bed now. 
57. I am going to go down to make tea shortly. 
58. I have almost 200 clothes. 
59. I have about 10-15 pairs of shoes/sandals/flats/heels 
60. I'm an absolutely shy person if I have to go up in front and speak. 
61. I tend to be awkward at times. 
62. Mother Teresa is my role model 
63. I cant draw to save my life. I suck at arts so bad. 
64. I wanna play the guitar or piano someday but I secretly wanna be a drummer. 
65. Liverpool and Spain is the best football team in the world. 
66. I wanna write a book someday. 
67. I have a thing for carpets. I like it when its around the hall or room. 
68. Told you I am weird. LOL.
69. FINALLY DONE! #nowplaying The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved :) 

How can I move on when I'm still in love with you? 

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