Friday, December 28, 2012

last few days of the year

Hello there everyone! Its been a while since I blogged. I'm a terrible blogger when it comes to December. Okay, not like I am a very good blogger in those other months, but I think this month is the worst. So, what did you miss? Ah yes, me turning 21, Christmas and well, thats about it. I'm too lazy to blog actually. Just came here to update something after a hiatus :p 

Finally went to Singapore for the holidays but I didnt quite like it. 
I have my reasons. 
But I did enjoy the trip though. Singapore is beautiful :)
Then we had our group choral speaking assignment
It was really good! I'm so proud of my group.
If you look at my previous blog post, I wrote the choral speaking script :)
Then comes my surprise birthday 
Thanks to the awesome ex youth committee :) 
With Mummy and Daddy :D
My 21st birthday party :D 
Check out the banner! Cant thank my parents enough :)
Christmas caroling around Kajang town! 
I had a traumatizing experience that day. 
after Christmas Eve midnight mass! 
Juan and I came in a saree :D 
I love this picture a lot!
With my cousin, Matthew :)
Our annual committee Christmas party :) 

Thats it! Now, wait for my next post which is coming really soon okay! See you soon readers and bloggers! :) 

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