Wednesday, December 5, 2012

classes on Wednesday

this is my 200th post! And to 'celebrate', I shall post up a poem/choral speaking script I wrote for our group assignment :) 

Kring! Kring! Kring!
Goes the alarm in the morning
Wake up! Wake up! 
Oh no, its time to get out of bed for class
Brush my teeth, comb my hair, put on my clothes.
Hmmm there's still time for some breakfast.
Honey stars it is! Mmmmm yummy! 
Yikes! Look at the time!
Hurry up! Miss Suganthini will lock us out from the class!

What on earth is all this? 
Personification? Onomatopoeia? Oxymoron? 
Am I in the right class? 
'I know all of you only know the second half of Oxymoron' 
Oh well, this is Literature class after all. 

Class dismissed! Lunch anyone? 
Let's go to the mamak shop! There's lots of food there! 
Roti Canai!
Milo ais! 
Mee Goreng! 
Teh O Ice satu! 
Yummm that was a good lunch. Whats next? 
Oh right,  time for Microteaching class. 

What's the lecturer's name again? 
Madam Nirmala!! 
Verbal and non verbal communication.
Lets do this!
Eye contact
Facial expression
'You cannot SS when you teaching in front of the class okay'
Oh Madam Nirmala, what joy to our hearts you bring.

Is there another class? 
Oh yes there is! What now? 
How can we forget our dear Mr Ateef. 
Its time for Curriculum Design! 
'I really dont like late comers' 
Heard that everyone? 
You better go for class early or else you'll get locked out! 

Weehoo! Time to go home! 
Finally, after a long day of classes.
Home sweet home

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