Monday, December 31, 2012

looking back and moving forward.

Well well, here we are, the last day of the year. Did you have a good year? Did you have a bad one? Whatever it is, be thankful for it. Because if you didnt have the bad days, you wouldnt have learned something new. And for the good days, be thankful for it. Well, I had a good and bad 2012. Not a very nice ending though. While almost all my friends are in church celebrating together, here I am at home in my room, on my bed writing this post. Well, on the bright side, i'm with my family. I'm thankful for that. Here are some of the things that I can remember happened in 2012. 

-Started my degree in TESL at MSU
- Graduated from my diploma in TESL also at MSU
- Celebrated Amanda, Phoebe, Sue Reen, Charlene, Lis, Syahmi, Naufal's 21st birthday. 
- Became a part of TESL Club Committee 
- went on a road trip to Malacca with Aten and Syu
- attended a youth rally in church
-attended the Overnight Pentecost Vigil in church
- bid farewell to Christine, our ex youth leader who is continuing her studies in US now.
- attended my first concert, Jason Mraz
- fell out of love
- emceed an event in church
- got into the Dean's List for my first + second semester! :)
- went to Singapore 
- celebrated my 21st birthday with my family and friends
- celebrated Christmas with my family and friends too
- made lots of new friends! 

Maybe there's more but I just cant remember la. I'll edit and add in anything if I do remember. What about New Year's resolution? I never made any this year. But for next year, I think I will. Saying 'New year, a better me' is too cliche. Most of the time it doesnt happen. But I know I did change a lot this year, in a good way. Hopefully i'll follow my new year's resolution and make sure it happens. Here goes. 

- Maintain my CGPA and hopefully be in the Dean's List. Aiming for the President's List is just too much for me. 
- Do more charity work. Maybe visit the sick, the old folks, the marginalized, the orphanage. I cant donate yet so thats the least I could do. 
- Register as a voter. One voice can make a difference. 
- Volunteer for something big. I've been wanting to do this for so long, I hope it comes true next year. 
- Make a change in someone's life. 
- Participate in something big. 
- Learn to speak up for my rights. I'm always the quiet one and never speak up because i'd rather keep it to myself. I guess I should start standing up for what I believe in. 
- Smile more. Cry less. Hug more.
- Publish my poems. Since I dont have a lot of time to write a book or short stories, my poems will do for now. 
- Stop having high hopes and waiting for guys. I'm better off alone. 

Well, I guess thats about it. Lets hope I do achieve my goals that i've set for the year. I hope you do too if you have any New Year's resolution. Here's to a new beginning and a new start. Have a Blessed New Year everyone of you! God bless :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

last few days of the year

Hello there everyone! Its been a while since I blogged. I'm a terrible blogger when it comes to December. Okay, not like I am a very good blogger in those other months, but I think this month is the worst. So, what did you miss? Ah yes, me turning 21, Christmas and well, thats about it. I'm too lazy to blog actually. Just came here to update something after a hiatus :p 

Finally went to Singapore for the holidays but I didnt quite like it. 
I have my reasons. 
But I did enjoy the trip though. Singapore is beautiful :)
Then we had our group choral speaking assignment
It was really good! I'm so proud of my group.
If you look at my previous blog post, I wrote the choral speaking script :)
Then comes my surprise birthday 
Thanks to the awesome ex youth committee :) 
With Mummy and Daddy :D
My 21st birthday party :D 
Check out the banner! Cant thank my parents enough :)
Christmas caroling around Kajang town! 
I had a traumatizing experience that day. 
after Christmas Eve midnight mass! 
Juan and I came in a saree :D 
I love this picture a lot!
With my cousin, Matthew :)
Our annual committee Christmas party :) 

Thats it! Now, wait for my next post which is coming really soon okay! See you soon readers and bloggers! :) 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

classes on Wednesday

this is my 200th post! And to 'celebrate', I shall post up a poem/choral speaking script I wrote for our group assignment :) 

Kring! Kring! Kring!
Goes the alarm in the morning
Wake up! Wake up! 
Oh no, its time to get out of bed for class
Brush my teeth, comb my hair, put on my clothes.
Hmmm there's still time for some breakfast.
Honey stars it is! Mmmmm yummy! 
Yikes! Look at the time!
Hurry up! Miss Suganthini will lock us out from the class!

What on earth is all this? 
Personification? Onomatopoeia? Oxymoron? 
Am I in the right class? 
'I know all of you only know the second half of Oxymoron' 
Oh well, this is Literature class after all. 

Class dismissed! Lunch anyone? 
Let's go to the mamak shop! There's lots of food there! 
Roti Canai!
Milo ais! 
Mee Goreng! 
Teh O Ice satu! 
Yummm that was a good lunch. Whats next? 
Oh right,  time for Microteaching class. 

What's the lecturer's name again? 
Madam Nirmala!! 
Verbal and non verbal communication.
Lets do this!
Eye contact
Facial expression
'You cannot SS when you teaching in front of the class okay'
Oh Madam Nirmala, what joy to our hearts you bring.

Is there another class? 
Oh yes there is! What now? 
How can we forget our dear Mr Ateef. 
Its time for Curriculum Design! 
'I really dont like late comers' 
Heard that everyone? 
You better go for class early or else you'll get locked out! 

Weehoo! Time to go home! 
Finally, after a long day of classes.
Home sweet home