Wednesday, November 14, 2012

flaws and other things.

I'm currently being an awesome multitask-er by blogging and watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Haha. I just felt like blogging about a few stuffs today. I've been thinking a lot lately. Actually, I think a lot everytime. There's always things constantly filling up my mind and keeps me wondering. Like, have you ever thought why are there murderers, thieves and such in the world? Or why are there such poverty in different countries although people can spend millions and billions of money to build skyscrapers, monuments and such stuff. And last, is the world really gonna end this year? So yeah, I have a very weird brain. I think about random stuffs all the time. I bet you do too right? 

1. Flaws
As human beings, all of us have flaws right? I mean, there sure is something that will be wrong with you. LOL. Okay, that came out wrong. But what i'm trying to say is that, we aren't perfect. Only God is. And we definitely will have flaws. But being human is being able to see the imperfection in others. That is what makes us human. Beneath all those flaws, we should be able to see the good in others and look beyond they're flaws and accept people for who they are. So, be proud of your flaws because it is that which makes you, you! 

2. English
Right, English. Being an English trainee teacher, my English is supposed to be impeccable and close to perfect. But, is it? No, i'm not even close to having the perfect English. In fact, I don't think anyone in this world can speak perfect English. I mean, come on. Do you really think there is someone out there who knows every single word in the English dictionary? If there is, well hats off to that person. I find it rather annoying when I make a mistake in speaking and someone says "English teacher and cannot speak proper English". If I was rude and sarcastic, I would answer them back "And your English happen to be perfect is it?". But no, I prefer to keep silent and 'treasure all these things in my heart' or blog about it. Some people are just not worth arguing with. So, think again before you decide to yell at someone or correct their English in a rude way. Be sure to look at yourself first before correcting others. I mean, if you wanna correct someone's English, you can. But do it in a polite and correct way and not offend the other person.

3. Gossiping  
Ah yes, gossiping. None of us can run away from gossiping. And people who says girls are the biggest gossipers, you need correction man, because guys are just the same as girls when it comes to gossiping. From my perspective, gossiping isn't bad. I mean, we are bound to do it anyway. But if you gossip and put others down, then its wrong. No matter how bad that person is, you cannot just put someone down like that. Again, you have to look at your own self first before putting down someone. Because, you wouldnt know if someone is talking behind your back about you. If you do good to others and be good to others, then you would be rewarded with good things. I used to be the person who talked bad about others. Then I came to realize this and I toned down a little. Think about it. 

I guess that is all. Unless something else crosses my mind then I'll come back here to blog about it or tweet about it. Haha. Well, in other news, new semester starts next Monday and results should be out tomorrow or Friday latest. I'm scared as hell I swear. I just hope everything goes well. Oh, and the Jamboree is this Friday too! Here's to a hectic weekend ahead! 

Lastly, I urge all of you to pray. Whether you are a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Punjabi, a Protestant or a Catholic. I urge every single one of you out there who is reading this to pray. We will never know what is going to happen tomorrow and God has every answer to our prayers. The world is changing, guys. Too many things are happening around us nowadays. Stop fighting, discriminating others and reflect on yourself. Prayer is the most powerful thing that you can give. Always pray and ask God for forgiveness and remember to forgive others as well. 

Have a good week everyone! :) 

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