Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hello everyone! Here I am sitting alone in this empty hall while all my other housemates are busy doing their own work. I had a strong urge to blog today because I had a lot of things going on in my mind as I was walking in campus and while I was in class. I hope I dont offend anyone if you happen to read this. This is my mere opinion of what I see and what I can judge. Of course, everyone have their own opinions. 

My sister is sitting for her UPSR today, so I woke up early this morning to call her and wish her all the best. I sat on my bed and spoke to God in silence. It felt so good sitting on the bed, enjoying the cool weather even with only a fan. I always feel that little bit of innocence in a person when they wake up in the morning. So yeah, this morning, as I was sitting on the bed, with my mind wondering off elsewhere, I spoke to God. I felt better and I continued the rest of the day with a smile on my face. 

We didnt have Sociolinguistics class today because our lecturer was feeling under the weather. In the next class, I was observing a few people and their characters and I learned a lot of things today about people. There's the people who loves to sit all by themselves in class. Then there's the people who likes sitting beside their close friends. There's also people who sits beside the girl or boy they like and tries to impress them. There's also people who sits beside another person because they have to, or for their own benefit. 

We meet many kind of people daily and as much as we disagree with this statement, people do change. It may be because of incidents that happened in their lives or maybe they just change. I changed too. I know for a fact, I wasnt the person I was 4 - 5 years ago. It is a good thing for me though. I feel that i've changed to be a better person. I am now more braver, more happy-go-lucky, more mature and I can think for myself to know what is good and what is bad. 

I know what i'm blogging now doesnt really connect with whatever I am trying to say. Actually, I dont even know what i'm trying to say. LOL. I just felt like blogging and crapping stuff here that I see everyday. Most of the time, I would tweet about it but I thought for a change, maybe I should blog about it. I wanted to blog about more stuff, but I just forgot about it. Short term memory lost :p 

Besides that, when you get rejected by someone, do you continue going after them or do you just back off and give up? Thats one answer i've been trying to find for the past few months. And because I spoke to God last night and this morning, I had my answer. I always read about people saying that God speaks to them and they can hear God's voice. I never got that, and I am kinda sad. But for me, God speaks to me in different ways. Maybe through a song or through a movie. I just can somehow get that message and I would smile to myself because I know I got my answer. 

So as I was saying, the answer that I got was, to back off. You dont have to go after the same person again and again when clearly that person has already shook you off. You deserve better. It doesnt mean you're not good enough, you are good. Its just that the person who rejected you couldnt see what they were missing, they couldnt see the good in you. God made you in his own hands. He will definitely grant you happiness. Maybe not through getting the boy you like, but through other things. So, dont worry and be bold. You are worth it. 

I think i've crapped enough. I dont even know why did I talk about all this. Haha. Sorry if you had to read about the whole long and boring post. Oh, and ignore the title. I just thought of that name out of a sudden and decided to name that as the title. Haha. See you again soon everyone! :) 

Btw, do check out this song by Daughtry - Start Of Something Good. Its been my theme song for the whole week :) 

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