Thursday, August 23, 2012

thats it!


You read that right. I know i'm the one who always say why do you need to go on a diet. Just enjoy all the food around you. But this is a serious case and i'm left with no choice but to go on a diet and do some massive workout. Why? Because the recent Olympics was over and I was dying for a t-shirt from there. Mummy secretly asked her friend to get her one. And here it was, super nice. But its slightly too small for me! T_T you can imagine my face when I tried it on and it was tight. I felt like crying. Which is why i'm on my 'mission' now to lose some fats. LoL. Also my butt and thighs. Its just too huge. I cant take it :( 

see how nice the tshirt is?! T_T

If you see me eating too much or being lazy, scold me! I am giving you the power to do so. HAHA. 

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