Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hello everyone! Were you on holidays like me too? What did you do? Well, basically what I did was babysitting my brother and sister because my parents went on a holiday without us to India. Yeah, you read that right. They went on a holiday without us. Pfttttt.. Anywaaaaay, despite babysitting them, I did have some time to meet up with some of my friends that I haven't been spending time with in a long long time.

I started of my holidays at the Pentecost Vigil for the Campus Ministry in church. Helping out I mean. It was kinda fun and tiring at the same time. Here are some of the pictures. 

yes, there's a campfire! 
group 7! :p
the participants.

A few days after holidays started, I brought my cousin, brother and sister out for a movie and because we were dying to eat Subway. LoL. We watched Avengers! It was really good I must say. THOR! :p Few days later, I met up with my Love & Life friend, Sapna. Its been so long since we've last hung out together so we thought since we were both on holidays, we should catch up. And we did! Went around KL, walked and talked and shopped :p 

this is Sapna. Miss Leng Luiiiiii :p
p.s Karina, you're next okay! 

This was the weekend Mummy and Daddy left for India and I thought I had a little freedom. Well, I kinda did :p That weekend, we had our cousin, Caydine Adele Edison's 1st birthday. So my uncles and cousins took us down to my other uncle's pub(Cheers) in Damansara. Here are some of the pictures. 

yeah, that's Jeremy. 
you've seen him all the time right? :p
this is Shayna. 
another one of my baby cousins :)

On Wednesday of that week, I met up with my 'soulmate', Juan Margrita! hehe. We've been planning to go out since a long long time but we're just too busy with so many things. Finally found the time when we could go out. We watched Snow White and The Huntsman where my love for Chris Hemsworth bloomed :p

LOL I curi this picture from her facebook.
since I didn't get a picture with her.
I love you to bits Juan! 

A few days after that, I went out with Amanda, Glynn and Colin on our annual outing :) We watched Madagascar 3! Its super hilarious. Highly recommended! Though our meet up was really short, but i'm glad we did it. 

yeah, we all took pic with Colin
look at the height difference!
and yes, i'm very short in case you didnt know. 
my wallpaper on my phone! :)

Last night, had another family function at grand-uncle's place. Also met up with Claire, my childhood friend. Her grandpa just passed away, so she was back from UK for a week and will be going back today. Managed to meet up with her as well. Happy I did. 

this is Claire :) 

Well, that's about it for my holidays. Just cleaned up the house today to 'welcome' mummy and daddy home tomorrow. Which means my new semester will also be starting tomorrow and i'll be back in Shah Alam :( This is sad. Looking forward to next month! Family wedding :) I love weddings so much. Will catch up with you soon okay! Till then everyone! Do not frown because tomorrow is Monday, smile and be positive and look at the bright side okay? Byeeeeee!

I'll make sure to keep my distance
Say 'I love you' when you're not listening
How long till we call this love? 

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