Saturday, June 23, 2012

He lives in me.

hello again everyone! I sense this is gonna be a long post, so please bear with me. 

So yesterday, I just got back from our church Charismatic Youth Rally. Was in church for 19 hours. Beat that! LoL. It really was an eye opener that I needed. I was in dire need of an inner healing session, and praise God, there was one yesterday. A brief one but it worked. Fr. Michael Raymond, Mervin and his wife, Lydia gave talks on many different topics related to us and our lives. After yesterday, i'm looking forward to our annual Youth Camp.

here, watch this. 
it makes me tear everytime. 
Its a song by Lifehouse and what we go through as teens.

watching that skit again yesterday made me realize of all the materialistic things i've been chasing for in life. Then I ask myself, for what? I notice that because of peers and the people around me that are constantly going for all the materialistic items, I followed them. I notice that in the past weeks, i've splurged unnecessarily on things that I dont need in that certain time. Plus, its not even my money. Its my parents. The thought of using their money and spending on unwanted things for myself just hurts. 

next comes friends. You know when you're around your friends, you gotta remain 'cool' and you know, 'fit-in' with them. Again I ask myself, for what? I mean, if you wanna be friends with someone, you have to overlook theirs and your good and bad, accept them for who they are and not try to be someone you're not. Just because that girl wears heels and is all diva like, you dont have to be like that. Be proud of who you are. I believe simplicity is always the best. 

some may not agree with me, but then again, different people have different opinions. Who am I to judge? All I know is, I feel renewed. Fr. Michael said this and it made me smile, 'Dont search for God. God will search for you. He always does." Looking back at a few incidents, I believe its true. God always comes to us. We just need to have faith in Him. 

In other news, I WENT FOR JASON MRAZ CONCERT! Yes, you heard that right! My first concert! Hehehe. It was so so awesome! It felt surreal :) Thanks to Darryl and his sister, Karissa's friend who sponsored the ticket. 

Mr. Mraz working the guitar on stage :)

so people, think again about whatever you're doing. There's always the good in bad in it. Thanks for reading! Turned out not a that long post after all :p Do check out the videos! :) 

the rally theme song,
Chris Tomlin - How Great Is Our God :)

the 120 participants that came :) 

have a good week everyone! =)

In the end, dreams just scatter and fall like rain

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