Sunday, January 15, 2012

the weird me.

i'm on fire with this blogging thing man. I suddenly have so many things to share about. well, this post is about the weird me because I think i'm weird? lol. 

- I like listening to weird songs by Foster The People, Mumford & Sons, Melee and many more.
- I'm into space and astronomy and stuff. 
- I've always wanted to work with NASA because I love astronomy so much. 
- I also love the Greek mythology. 
- I like reading about the history behind all those ancient artifacts around the world and my dream is to go to these places someday.
- I like Rupert Grint, David Silva and Dirk Kuyt because I think they look appealing. 
- I bite my skin and chew on them always. 
- I like collecting snow globes and if you give me that as a present, i'll be the happiest person on earth.
- Literature is my thing.
- I literally will squeal if I see anything I like in red. 
- I daydream.

so, do you think i'm weird? :/

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