Friday, January 20, 2012

lessons learnt

2 weeks. One of the worst two weeks of my life. I dont think I went to bed one night without crying. Why you may ask? Lets just say i've been going through a lot of thinking, emotional breakdown and I just couldnt get a grip of myself. A predicament part of my life, I should say. 

Now, people say that your first love will always stay with you forever right? Damn, they're right. I've been fighting with my feelings this past 2 weeks. Heard some stories which made me feel even worst and made me think so much that my head almost burst. It all happened so suddenly that I was caught of guard you know. At first I used the method that many people would use, the coward method, which is avoiding the problem and act as of everything was okay. 

But how long can you avoid something? And the longer you prolong it, the longer it'll eat you up inside. So, I picked up the courage and asked him out for a drink so we could talk. Talking always works. In any situation you are in, talking always works. Thats what I did, I said whatever I had to say and cleared things up. And for the first time that night in 2 weeks, I did not cry to sleep. We're back to being close friends again. And I promised myself, it will never happen again, whatever that happened. I should keep that private. So yeah. 

What are the lessons learnt from this is that, people always say that everyone has a choice. But what if the choice is the choice that you dont want to make? Because sometimes, the hardest decision and choice is the best and for the best. And sometimes, some things in life requires sacrifice. Giving up something will let you gain something better in the future. Thats what I've learned :) and also, whatever problems you're facing, always try to talk it out to someone instead of keeping it inside. Trust me, its the best feeling in the world.

Ever since I had that talk, i'm going to bed with a smile every night knowing that everything is okay and I thank God for that. Yes, your first love will always remain with you. I dont think i'm ever gonna forget that. But not all first loves have a happy ending. Some things are for the better. You'll know what I mean when you get there. 

take one step at a time :)

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