Tuesday, January 31, 2012

brands and gadgets.

Heard of the brands Guess, Charles & Keith, Prada, Coach and whatever else? Of course you did right? I mean, who hasnt? Almost all the big shopping malls around KL and the Klang valley has them. So, what is it with these brands that makes them so well known by everyone? Because its famous? Don't know? Neither do I. I only know these brands because everyone keeps buying them and feels like its a need for them to have one of these overprized items. 

Call me cheapskate but I feel that people spend more than they can afford just to get one of those items by those big brands just so they can fit in? So that people will look up to them because you're carrying a Prada? Yeah I know, the quality is good and all that but down the road wont the bag falter? You will end up buying another bag anyway right? So why spend so much when its something you're gonna throw away someday?

I used to be that person who cared so much about brands and I was dying to get one of them just to fit in. I mean, not that I cant afford it. I can, but I dont want to. Handbags for instance, how much does a normal sized handbag by the brands mentioned above cost? More than RM150 at least. With that amount of money, I can safely say if I go into a decent no-brand handbag store, I can get at least 3 handbags with RM150. Is it worth it? You tell me. People spend money like water these days. Like I said, they spend more than they can afford. For what? 

Ever imagined what the less fortunate people even eat on normal days? Never? Sometimes they dont even eat at all. With that amount of money people spend of bags, clothes, watches and whatever not, if they have the sense to donate them to these people, dont you think life would be better for them, they can live like us too? Not everyone is fortunate like us and i've come to realize that. So why dont we help them by doing little things like a bit of giving? It might not be much, but it helps. 

Now lets move to gadgets. Almost everyone is having a smartphone today. Even I have one. Smartphones are made easy so everyone can gain access to the intenet and connect better with everyone. Fine. I agree with that. But what if you spend half of your day with your face buried in your phone, whether its a BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, whatever it is. What happened to communication? 

Heard of Twitter? Have one? I have an account on Twitter and honestly, I am a twitterholic. Sort of. Till I knew some friends who are worst than me. They tweet almost every minute! Can you imagine? It means that you spend 50% of your day on your gadgets updating every single thing you're doing or thinking via Twitter. Seriously? If you have something to say or talk about, why cant you just talk? Is it that hard? Thats the thing with gadgets, you loose your communication skills. You forget what its like to talk. 

Personally, I thank God that I dont have internet access when i'm in Shah Alam because I would have my face buried on the laptop screen all the time. Nowdays, I only go online when i'm back in Kajang. Even that is already bad because I hardly spend time with my family. I finally came to my senses and said 'hey you know what, screw this shit. There's more to life than sitting and updating you Twitter or Facebook status 24/7'. And trust me, once you talk to someone about anything, its the best feeling in the world. 

I was at campus today and came across my twitterholic friend. We had this TESL carnival thing in campus today so everyone was busy inviting people to their booths to play language games and whatever not. You know what she was doing? Yeap, you guessed it right, she was sitting with her iPad and busy tweeting away. These gadgets make people become anti-social. You forget yourself and you foget the word 'communication' Can you imagine, people sitting 2m away from each other and they're texting? Why cant you just open your mouths and talk? 

I could go on and on about this but at the end of the day, it depends on the individual to decide right? Its just my opinion anyway. I always say different people have different opinions. So yeahhh. Thanks for reading anyway if you did read the whole thing. Really appreciate it. Till my next post! 

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