Tuesday, January 3, 2012



lol i'm 2 days late in doing a blog post on it. again, better late than never right? so, what were you guys doing on New Year's Eve waiting for the countdown to start? I was, well, on the dance floor dancing away with my friends at my kindergarten headmistress, Aunty Hazel's wedding. It was such a weird day to be honest but ended up with events I never expected would happen. Anyway, it was a good countdown, with family and friends :) 

high school friends reunited :) 

all in all, it was a good day New Year's Eve and New Years Day itself spent with family and friends. One of the best New Year's i've ever had. Oh, and welcome 21 years old me! damn, i'm old =.= lol. Just wanted to wish everyone that. I actually wanted to do my annual things to be remembered in 2011 but aiyah, so malas. next post maybe. till then folks! =)

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