Sunday, December 18, 2011


Much has happened since I last blogged. on Wednesday night, I decided to go for caroling at my cousin's zone, which is Jalan Bukit for the heck of it and coz I had nothing to do. It was really fun with good company too. On the way back from caroling, my cousin called our aunty to confirm on our much awaited 'cousin's day outing' which we've been planning to go on after Joshua finishes his SPM. Thursday it was. 

So, on Thursday morning after my brother's tuition, we went to the KTM station and took the train to Berjaya Times Square. Walked around for a bit then we had lunch at Papa John's. The set meal is actually much more cheaper than Pizza Hut's and taste way better actually. But they cant beat Dominos of course :p Malaysian pizza standard, cant complain right? :) 

Aunty Rosalind was looking for clothes for herself and Jeremy while I was looking for a dress. I just needed one more dress for New Year as I already have my Christmas Eve midnight mass outfit and Christmas morning outfit. Went to Sg.Wang, Metrojaya and I found the most PERFECT dress ever for me, tried it on and everything but sadly, I looked at the price tag and yeah, I just had to put it back :( *forget about the price tag* yeah righttt! *stress*

the cousins :) 

To de-stress myself from the beautiful dress price, I dragged everyone to Cotton On, probably one of the best Cotton On ever in KL because its two floors and the choices were so much more and the sale was crazy cheap! I got two tops for myself which Aunty Rosalind paid as my early birthday present. Wanted to get that red beanie as well but maybe on my next visit. After that, we headed home for penitential service in church.

If you read my tweets on Twitter, you would know that I wanted to go for confession so badly because of all the things happening around me. I just needed to talk to someone you know. Finally, I had my chance. I just talked to the priest like he was my friend about all the problems I faced, and after everything I just felt renewed, light and everything was okay. It really was a good day. 

On Friday, I spent the day at Mum's house baking cookies! Uncle Robert, Catherine and I :) We made Melting Moments and Corflakes cookies. It was super yummy!

i know you want it :p

 At night, I was supposed to go for the Jalan Bukit caroling again but mummy asked me to help her with our zone Christmas gathering, so I didnt go. On Saturday, the whole morning I was in church with other youths helping to decorate the hall for the Migrant Christmas party which was today. At night, we had our zone Christmas party, was a small group but at least everyone had fun :)

Today, was the Migrant Christmas Party in church. Basically spent the whole afternoon in church helping out with the registration, food, dance, prize giving, cleaning up. Again, with good company, everything is fun :) Later tonight, i'll be going for my BEC Christmas caroling. The day just never ends, seriously! But when its so fun, I cant complain much :)

On other notes, I still need a dress, a belt, accessories and shoes to complete my Christmas shopping for this year. I always must have exactly 12 clothes for the 12 days of Christmas :p *vain*. So far, here's what I have on my list. 

a black dress from the Thai fair
a black skirt from Nichii
a blue polka dot blouse from Nichii
an orange top from Nichii
a red blouse from Passages
a black blouse from Cotton On
a grey top from Cotton On
a green top from an unknown brand
a blue dress from Arcadia
a white blouse from an unknown brand. 
a green checkered shirt from Nicole MNJ.

too much right :p oh well, its once a year. I dont get to buy this much at clothes all at once everyday okay. So why not? :) 

On another note number two, my feeling for you have become numb and it all became so clear when you just walk past me like that. It may take some time, but people always say time heals everything. Indeed it will :)

Till then everyone! See you soon! 4 days left till I turn 20! No more teenager :( *sobs*

i'll miss you.

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