Monday, December 5, 2011


you must be thinking, what on earth is Kutless right? well, they're a Christian praise and worship band. I happen to be looking for some Christmas songs to listen and I came across a Christmas album sung by all the famous praise and worship singers i've known except for this band Kutless. so I thought i'd youtube them and hear they're songs and my gosh, they were completely breathtaking! 

its been a while since I listened to any praise and worship songs simply because I was too caught up in all the latest music and my favourite singers that I neglected that time for God. I used to be the person who prayed every night before going to sleep, used to be the person who would turn to praise and worship songs for strength and comfort instead of emo songs, used to be the person who listened to praise and worship songs all the time and constantly download all the songs I love. but somehow I got drifted away.

day and night all I listen to was songs by my favourite artist. tonight though, after hearing a song called What Faith Can Do by this band Kutless, I was in awe and almost cried. I realized how much I miss listening to worship songs and they were always there when I was down needed something the most. then, I started youtube-ing Christmas songs by worship bands and gosh, they're so much better than these pop Christmas and whatever not. seriously. 

at least what happen tonight knocked some sense into my head. one way or another. I now have a new favourite band, Kutless :) besides them, you can listen to these bands too, they rock, literally. Planetshakers, Casting Crowns, Building 429 and Tenth Avenue North :)

do check the song out! :)
silent prayers get answered,
broken hearts become brand new
thats what faith can do.

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