Sunday, December 11, 2011

growing up.

have you ever looked at your childhood pictures and just reminisce back on old memories? yeah, i know people say we shouldnt look back on our past and all but what can I do, when I just happen to look so cute last time and now :p LoL. but really, I was going through some of the albums and there's just so much memories! I even teared looking at them. some pictures are really funny but it was all good times. 

now, you just have to face so many different problems everyday. its not like what it used to be those days. yeah, i know life is not a bed of roses but I would do anything just to relive that moment back. I actually did yesterday though, when my family had a small gathering at Mama's place since it was her 6th death anniversary. I remember going there everyday after coming back from school and eating all the good food Mama used to cook. I remember playing in the badminton court opposite Mama's house with my cousins, Joshua and Jonathan every evening. I remember going in the mini 'orchard' opposite Mama's house to pluck rambutans, durians, langsat, bananas, papayas, mangoes and all those fruits, I remember climbing the hill behind the house just to see the river. 

I climbed that hill with my cousin and siblings yesterday to look for durians :p and saw the river too! it felt so good! i really miss all these. 

I miss having the coconut tree hair.
I miss people calling me Miss Bones.
I miss Mama's chicken curry.
I miss people coming and pinching my cheeks.
I miss playing in the 'porch'.
I miss playing 'masak - masak' with my cousins.
I miss playing 'married - married' with my cousin.
I miss watching Little Lulu and Paddington Bear
I miss messing up the house and getting away with it.
I miss my childhood so so much :'( 

sighhhhhhhh. oh well, on the bright side, I still open my birthday presents beside the Christmas tree every year =) hehe. I always do have that child feeling when I do that =) 

memories will never fade. 

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