Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas isnt christmas till it happens in your heart =)


yeah, i know i'm 4 days late in blogging on Christmas. I didnt have the time laaaa :p I was away in Kuantan. A trip with the family. We do this every year. I'd like to voice out my suggestion but its best I keep quiet. Anyway, less talk in this post and more pics :) 

Went for midnight mass this year after not going for 2 years. Daddy seems to think going for midnight mass is redundant which is why we dont go anymore. So, this year I managed to brain wash him to letting me go, wahahaha :p went with my cousins and this year to my surprise, everyone dressed up! I mean, I never wore the clothes that I wore for midnight mass before. Its always been dresses every year. Thanks to Matthew, my cousin, I wore something different this year. And my other 2 cousins? One did a Nigerian hairstyle, called conroe or something, the other one wore vest and got a fake earring. LoL. 

me with Joshua and Jonathan. 
and Jeremy there with the iPad. 

went to church, I sat with Juan, Christine, Saha, Reuben, Alfred and Vivian. Everyone just looked stunning! 

my favorite-st picture of the night! =)

Didnt get any picture on Christmas day though :( dont worry, more pictures to come soon! I shall go get all the pictures from all the cameras :) Anyway, after Christmas morning mass, we went to Mum's place for lunch then left for Kuantan. Honestly, I dont like leaving on Christmas day, so yeah. But Kuantan was quiet and nice. The weather there was lovely, windy all day long =) 

trying to upload pictures, but cant. oh well, wait for my next post or just see the pictures in Facebook =)

till then my blog readers! In case I dont have the time, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Its been a wonderful year, hope the next year brings more surprises and happiness to all =) 

i lied

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