Friday, December 2, 2011

20 to 20

20 days to go till I turn 20! gosh, I cant believe i'm turning 20. I dont feel 20 at all. anyway, I got some stuff to talk about. all this random stuff that i've been doing recently la. 

1. I got an A for my internship and a B for my Malaysian Studies. yeah, a B. you have no idea how happy I was. I thought I was gonna fail k. I failed for my mid sem so I really was scared for my finals. I never liked MS and played a lot during the mid sem and thats what I got. I did give my everything for my finals though. I studied and worked hard. cant be expecting to get an A but I did my best and thats what I deserve. 

2. the difference between Pitbull and Taylor Swift. fist of all, I love Taylor Swift to bits k. you can say whatever you want about her, but she's my idol and I love her and her songs. Pitbull, well he's not bad but I dont quite like his songs coz I dont know, its vulgar? and talking about girls body and sex all the time in his songs? sounds like a  philander. anyway, who am I to say those stuffs right. and yeah, people who dont like Taylor Swift and adores Pitbull need not criticize people based on their songs, character whatsoever. you like your idol, i like mine. lets just keep it that way and not criticize about them. 

3. people having peer pressure. i've seen people, my friends even, trying to be 'in' with their friends. what I can say from this is that I think they're under peer pressure. you see your friends smoke, talk cock, drink and you wanna be like them just to be accepted? hello, get a life la or get a new set of friends unless you're too afraid to loose them. seriously, i've seen enough of this peer pressure crap. do you really need to spoil you life just to please the friends around you whom you dont even know will be there for you in times needed? 

4. Kajang town is flooded today. big hoo hah on Facebook and Twitter. you can go see the pictures la. definitely cant miss it. its EVERYWHERE. I just pray for the people whose property got damaged. 

well, thats all for now I guess. I shall update more when I have something else to talk about.

its been 365 days. 
and there'll be more.

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