Friday, October 14, 2011

i'd rather love just a little too much

hey there bloggie! another long long MIA by me. i'm sorry but i've been just too busy! sometimes i feel like just deleting this blog coz i'm just so inactive. anyway, lets move on to what i've been up to. 

last weekend, I watched this new movie called Something Borrowed and my emotional meltdown started from then on. it was also the weekend my cousin got married, so imagine watching a romantic comedy movie then going for a wedding. the feeling was just like the gut from my throat could come out through my mouth any minute in every second. 

its just that i kept thinking some of the past things that happened to me and how i wished i could have changed it. but then again, i dont regret anything i've done because we learn from our past, our mistakes. oh dont mind me, my mind is just so messed up and tangled. one minute i'll be thinking of something good and the next minute i'll be looking on the negative side of things. 

so yeah, basically i spent the whole of last week being emofied and kept trying to fake a smile. but towards the end of the weekend i was fine and when school started, i felt a lot better. this weekend, i'm super fine more than anything in the world :) 

this was supposed to be a blogpost where i wanted to do a write up on weddings and all that but i forgot everything that i wanted to write about so i guess you just have to wait for another long long break till i finally do another blog post. lol. this blogpost turned out super lame i know.sorry for wasting your time! :( 

sometimes I wish I could be normal around you and not have that feeling I always have when i'm around you.
sometimes I wish we had more things to talk.
sometimes I wish you would hug me tight or put your arms around me like you did once.
sometimes I wish we could talk for hours without noticing the time pass by. 
sometimes I wish I could watch all those sad and funny movies with you.
sometimes I wish we could go out on random notes.
sometimes I wish I could talk lame stuff with you and just laugh about it.
sometimes all I want is for you to be beside me.
sometimes I wonder if you would ever feel the same.
sometimes it scares me so much that I think about you all the time. 

I just want to fall in love with you over and over again, and maybe at one point we'll get tired of each other but until then I want you, and just you.

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