Sunday, October 30, 2011

all I want for Christmas is...

hehe. I know Christmas is 2 months away but I just couldn't stop thinking of what I want this year. It'll be during my birthday time too so double the presents la :p  I know, its too much to ask but if I get at least one of it, i'll be the happiest child on the planet! Yes, child :p whaaaaaatttt, people still thinks i'm 14 k :p I should use this advantage that I have.. lol.. 

so anyway, here is my Christmas list :)

- a Guess or Charles & Keith handbag
- a DSLR camera
- Cecelia Ahern's The Time Of My Life
- Nicholas Sparks's Safe Haven and The Best Of Me
- a Samsung Galaxy S2
- Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume
- a new bookshelf
- a dreamcatcher 
- cute flats 

teehee. too much right? :p I said I dont mind getting one of them. of course not all la. so yeah, mummy and daddy or my family members, I hope you read this post! :p 

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