Monday, August 29, 2011

the bucket list.

of course from the title, you'll know what this blog post is going to be. Its the list of things I want to do before I die! :) 

  1. Do bungee jumping and snorkeling. 
  2. Ride on roller coasters in amusement parks besides Genting. 
  3. Give 5K to charity.
  4. Go to Rome, Paris, Prague, Venice and Machu Picchu!
  5. Write a book.
  6. See Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.
  7. Sing in front of an audience. 
  8. Get a tattoo.
  9. Get married to someone I love. 
  10. Have kids.
  11. Visit all the 7 Wonders of the World.
  12. Get over my phobia, somehow. 
  13. Hug Taylor Swift.
  14. Watch turtle eggs hatch. 
  15. Get my brother and sister through Uni. 
  16. Become a bridesmaid for one of my friends weddings :) 
  17. Attend the World Youth Day at least once.
  18. See the Pope and kiss his hand if possible.
  19. Go to Jerusalem
  20. Visit at least 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites besides in Malaysia.
  21. Hold and take picture with a snake. 
  22. Hug Bruno Mars.
  23. Watch Yiruma play live.
I cant remember anymore. LOL. but if i do, i'll definitely update them here! :D so yeah, these are some of the things that I want to do before I die :) 

Friday, August 19, 2011


is that how you even spell it? I wanna write a long long post, but not now la k. soon. pretty much explains how i'm feeling. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

long long break.

hello! Its been a month plus since I last blogged eh? I was just too busy! My 2 months holidays has finally ended and I am doing my internship now as a trainee teacher at Sekolah Kebangsaan Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. Its been 3 weeks already and so far, everything is good :) I'm loving my life as a teacher. Who knew right? Despite the screaming, sore throats, lesson planning, activities, I am very much enjoying my part time job :)

I really really want to upload pics of my school and me and my colleagues at work but I dont have any of em pictures yet. Soon okay soon! Anyway, i'll get back to my internship in a while. I shall post some pics of what I have been doing during holidays la. Not many, but here's some of them. From June till end of July :)

beginning of June, went out with Colin, Amanda and Glynn
the three people i've been wanting to go out with for so long..
celebrated Juan's surprise birthday at Shaun's house..
had our youth committee sleepover just 2 weeks before our camp :) 
our very successful camp in El Santuary, Malacca =)
I did a post about this, in the previous post. 
my awesome chalet mates :)
the KAGAPE dance team! :) 
chu chu train! 
because we are all kids at heart :)
then there's the Liverpool training session.
who knew I'd be seeing Liverpool in front of my eyes :)
and this was the actual game day. 
Liverpool vs Malaysia. 
I curied this from Manda's camera :p
this also marks the end of my holidays..
first few classes of Malaysian Studies. 
the 5 of us decided to climb Broga Hill one random day.. :)
then comes Youth Awakening 2 weeks ago :)
that was about it la for whats been happening..

Now, back to my internship. Its been 3 weeks and so far, i'm getting the hang of it. There might be some wrongs here and there in handling the classes and writing lesson plans but i'm sure in the weeks to come, everything will go smoothly. For the first week of my internship, our school had a student exchange program with students from Tokoname, Japan. 5 students and 2 teachers came for a 2 weeks stay here in Malaysia. 

the welcoming ceremony for the Japanese students.
they were gonna perform a Japanese dance.
the next day, the school had extra curricular activities
one of it was 'gubahan buah-buahan' 
this was one of the groups gubahan.
yeap, thats me :)
I dont have any other decent pics of me
coz they're still in my friend's camera.
they had kite flying.
I dont think you can see the kite.
sucky phone camera..
this week was exam week, 
so all we had to do was take care of the class.
spot Cikgu Alias there? =p
my record book! :) 
where all my lesson plans are..
and this is a certificate I got from the school
for facilitating the students for their Mathematics extra class :)

Well, thats about it. I'm currently thinking of how to teach a standard 5 class on the topic 'singular and plural' this Monday. Any suggestions? :) So yeah, that all for now! Hope the week goes by well. Till then everyone! Adios! :) 

*because true loves waits*