Monday, June 13, 2011

mirror me

when i stare into the mirror,
what is it i see?
i see my own reflection
staring back at me

but then i look deep within,
the mirror of my soul
i see my present, and my past
and what the future holds

i see myself as what i am
and what i could have been
i see the shadow side of me
thats hidden deep within

as i stare at my reflection
staring back through my own eyes
i see myself as others do
but i also see the lies

the mirror rids me of disguise
of hatred, truth and tears
i see myself through my own eyes
and see my deepest fears

maybe i should end it all
so many ways to die
i lean up againts my wall
and suddenly begin to cry

the tears stream down my face
as i begin to say goodbye
goodbye sunshine, goodbye mummy
cant say i didnt try..

then i looked into the mirror
and see me standing there
a troubled, lost and lonely child
with tearstrained cheeks and matted hair

well, mirror thanks for being there
but its time i stepped away
its time my mask came off for good
the real me is here to stay.

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