Friday, May 20, 2011

We will still be, friends forever :')

and so, with yesterday i attended my last class for my diploma. no words can describe how i feel right now. looking back at the pictures and everything we've been through together just makes me feel choked up inside. after 2 and a half years together, we finally attended our last class yesterday. where did the time go? it just ended so so fast. as much as i always complain about not liking the place, it was my stepping stone to the bigger world out there. the things i've learned and the friends i've made. not forgetting the awesome lecturers who were always there for us, never showing that they were mad, always with a smile on their face. i'm really gonna miss all of these. 

Diploma In TESL May 09, i'm going to miss you guys and i love all of you loads! All the best for our upcoming practical. lets go out there and make everyone proud! :) this is for you.. =) 

1st sem, doing our theater play.. =)
Tesl Orientation Day.. :)
here comes 2nd sem.. =)
still freshies.. 
surprise bday parties.. :)
1 Malaysia event.. :)
those annex days. haha..
<3 Shan..
the day when we moved into our new campus
everyone was excited as ever.. :D
pictures after pictures..
i still remember that day..
just 3 weeks after short sem started.. :')
my girlfwween.. :D
bunnies!! :D
back then when I City wasn't famous
and you didnt have to pay money to go in..

Tesl Night 2010..
Tesl Carnival.. :)
with our beloved mentor, Mdm Izlin.. :)
i'm gonna miss her so so much.. :'(
this was on my birthday.. :)
the first time i saw that hot guy from the public speaking competition
sitting, with the people i love.. <3
Super Juniors!!! =p
with Miss Roges.. :D
Tesl Night 2011.. 
look how pretty we all are.. :)
bersukan!! haha..
our well done effort for our microteaching at RACTAR. :)
with Mdm Shabina, the strict one..
she's the one who inspired me to take psychology..
i heart you guys! 
class of May 09' :)

we're all gonna jump like this when we graduate OK! :D

you guys rock! 
its been a blessing meeting everyone of you
all the memories we shared, will be locked in my heart forever.

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  1. post a pic of the hot guy u saw at the public speaking competition larh! xD