Sunday, May 8, 2011

they're called FRIENDS

i'm sure everyone have friends right? i mean, who doesnt? how can one live in this world without one.. we've been going to school since kindergarten and throughout all the years till we left school and now currently in college, some might be working, i'm sure we all have had many friends along the way.. now, there are different types of friends we meet too! the good ones, the bad ones.. 

let's see, these are some of the friends i've had throughout my life.. mainly in college though, cant really remember those old ones but i'll name some.. :)

friends who are always there with you to listen to your problems..
friends who can be annoying at times..
friends that are like brothers and sisters you never had..
friends who pisses you off so much, you just feel like killing them..
friends who gives the bestest advice till it makes you cry..
friends who LOVE to show off..
friends who give their shoulder to cry on when times are rough..
friends you envy a lot and wished you lived their lives..
friends who makes you laugh all the time..
friends who can be friends in front of you but back stabs you from behind..
friends that are with you through your hardest times and moments..
friends who thinks they know everything but actually knows nothing..
friends who talk perverted stuff all the time and it actually makes you smile..
friends whom purposely makes you jealous, or maybe its just me..
friends whom you giggle and laugh with when you see a cute guy.. :p
friends whom like to show off. i HATE this kinda friends, thats why i mentioned them twice..
friends who knows everything about you which just makes you smile for no reason..
friends who are judgmental..
friends you hang out with just for a drink or a meal..
friends whom likes to act like a dumb blond or in malay they call it 'gedik'
friends who picks you up everyday because they cant see you walking to campus even if its so near..
and lastly, friends who will ALWAYS be there for you.. :)

I love my friends, regardless of whether they are ugly, beautiful, fat, thin, annoying, fun to be with, we are all God's creation. its the way were were brought up.. :) and those of you who reads this and hate it or 'terasa', well thats too bad for you.. its know as freedom of speech.. :) again, i love my friends. i might have forgotten to mention some, but nevertheless, i heart you guys! :) 

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  1. and i love you even more my sweet little bridge =)

    p/s: what kind of friend am i?