Saturday, May 14, 2011

the lil one..

hello hello!! i miss blogging! i've been wanting to blog but got a lot of stuff to do la.. i think i'm gonna divide the blog posts to several posts coz if i post in this one, its gonna be really long. hence, this blog post is dedicated to my sister.. lol.. thats because, the other day, Diane did her microteaching in class, it was a lesson on poems. we had to write a 6 line poem on the topic that she gave. my group had the title 'sister'

in the poem, you had to include these words: inspiration, a burning candle and memorable moment. i kinda knew my group mates would ask me to write the poem coz i love to write random poems, and they did. somehow, i was kinda down that day, so i just sat quietly as they discussed. while sitting down, i decided to try writing the poem. i managed to, did it in like 5 minutes.. haha.. this is how the poem goes..

There was a burning candle in the room that night,
I saw a figure, it looked like my sister.
A soft weeping  I heard, so solemn and gloomy.
She was my inspiration, my light.
Oh how i miss those memorable moments we shared.
My sister, you will always be.

yeah, that was it.. haha.. i know its kinda lame and like over a bit but it got chosen to be presented in front.. =) haha.. just wanna say that i love my sister a lot although she's a pain most of the time but she can really make me laugh and i hope she grows fast! i want a sister i can talk to about stuff.. she's still young. she wont understand those topics i talk to, to my friends whatsoever. oh well, time.. is all it take.. :)

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