Sunday, May 15, 2011


hello again! =p hehe.. told ya i'll do another blog post.. this post is to update on whatever has been happening in uni.. a week ago, we had our March and May 09' farewell dinner because we were all gonna be sitting for our final exams of the final semester and will be heading for internship 3 weeks after that. and after intern, none of us knows whether we will be seeing each other again after that or not as some of us might change course or move to another college. so we had a farewell dinner for the Diploma students of March and May 09 intake. 

the theme for the dinner was 'back to school' which means we had to wear our school uniforms. i tried on my sister's primary school pinafore and it fit perfectly! so, i decided to wear that.. :) however, that night some misunderstandings happened and caused us to look for another place for the dinner instead of the original plan, which was at campus. we went to a lakeside instead. although it was warm, dark and no place to sit, the committee put it together and it was a job well done.. :) here are some of the pics of that night..

Clarice and I..
the head prefect, the student and the other student! :D
haha.. we had to exchange gifts.. this was after we had em'.. :)

all in all, it was a good night indeed.. :) i'm gonna miss you guys. because, there is a high possibility i'll be changing course. and changing college too. i wont be seeing all of them after that anytime soon.. well, thats life. we gotta leave some things behind to pursue our goals and what we wanna do. we still can see each other. its a small world, remember? :') 

now, this was on tuesday. some malaysian artist came to the college and they had some big hoo-hah about it.. i didnt even know who was that.. lol.. we had to stay back and watch some marching or smtg like that.. my friends and i decided to take pics instead! hahaha.. shows how much we care.. pfttt...

posers kan? =p
we just looooveeee looking at MSU so much! =p
cuteness overload! :D
them.. :)

so yeah, that was basically what happened all this time that i havent been blogging.. :) as i've mentioned earlier, my finals is in 2 weeks time.. study! study! study! hehe.. see you soon bloggie! :) 

oh, and btw, i miss this bunch of people!
we should go out soon! :)

have a great week everyone! :)

*your love put me at the top of the world*

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