Wednesday, May 25, 2011

born this way!

hello! i just decided to blog coz i thought of something which happened to me a few years back. still kinda haunting me but i know i'm sort of over it already. well, everytime you do something to yourself or even doing something, i'm sure there is a reason to why you do so right? this morning, as i was combing my hair, sitting in front of the dressing table, i realized that i'm not that cute or pretty or beautiful as people say i am..

a few years back, those days when we all had puppy loves. i had mine too. i remember how i used to like that guy soooo much and go giggling with my friends about him when he passed by or smiled. oh, those memories. but thats not what haunts me. its what those boys said that hurts. there were a few boys who actually liked me but told my friends that if i was taller and thinner, then they would consider making a move. you see how judgmental and choosy these boys are? 

after that incident, i remember dieting and wanting to loose weight so bad and i was so insecure about my height. i went to the clinic several times where the doctor told me i had gastric. it was that bad. i was so paranoid about my height and body figure. i just wanted to feel accepted. and it didnt help when all my friends had bodies like Tyra Banks and Beyonce and all those models you see on TV. 

as i grew older, i realized there's much more of me than just my figure and height. i love me for who i am and those of you who wants to pass judgements on me, go look at yourself in the mirror first. and you know whats ironic, those guys who said those things years ago, now, is 'like'-ing and commenting sweet sugary words on my photos in facebook. eat your heart out eh? 

and here i am today, i'm loving myself no matter what. you can call me short, fat, ugly, whatever you want. at the end of the day, i am who i am and you cant change me. i can only make the change in myself if i want to. i just wanna say that, all you people who have been teased at, laughed at, just close your eyes and swallow it all and walk with pride and dignity in yourself. be proud of who you are because we were born this way! =) 

We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring us down, oh no

This is from Glee
their version of Born This Way
which i love so so much! :)

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