Wednesday, May 25, 2011

born this way!

hello! i just decided to blog coz i thought of something which happened to me a few years back. still kinda haunting me but i know i'm sort of over it already. well, everytime you do something to yourself or even doing something, i'm sure there is a reason to why you do so right? this morning, as i was combing my hair, sitting in front of the dressing table, i realized that i'm not that cute or pretty or beautiful as people say i am..

a few years back, those days when we all had puppy loves. i had mine too. i remember how i used to like that guy soooo much and go giggling with my friends about him when he passed by or smiled. oh, those memories. but thats not what haunts me. its what those boys said that hurts. there were a few boys who actually liked me but told my friends that if i was taller and thinner, then they would consider making a move. you see how judgmental and choosy these boys are? 

after that incident, i remember dieting and wanting to loose weight so bad and i was so insecure about my height. i went to the clinic several times where the doctor told me i had gastric. it was that bad. i was so paranoid about my height and body figure. i just wanted to feel accepted. and it didnt help when all my friends had bodies like Tyra Banks and Beyonce and all those models you see on TV. 

as i grew older, i realized there's much more of me than just my figure and height. i love me for who i am and those of you who wants to pass judgements on me, go look at yourself in the mirror first. and you know whats ironic, those guys who said those things years ago, now, is 'like'-ing and commenting sweet sugary words on my photos in facebook. eat your heart out eh? 

and here i am today, i'm loving myself no matter what. you can call me short, fat, ugly, whatever you want. at the end of the day, i am who i am and you cant change me. i can only make the change in myself if i want to. i just wanna say that, all you people who have been teased at, laughed at, just close your eyes and swallow it all and walk with pride and dignity in yourself. be proud of who you are because we were born this way! =) 

We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring us down, oh no

This is from Glee
their version of Born This Way
which i love so so much! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

i miss you more than anything..

the reason i'm here is to post a song
because, I MISS YOU!! :D 

i seriously am addicted to this song right now..

It's drivin me mad, I miss you so bad...

Friday, May 20, 2011

We will still be, friends forever :')

and so, with yesterday i attended my last class for my diploma. no words can describe how i feel right now. looking back at the pictures and everything we've been through together just makes me feel choked up inside. after 2 and a half years together, we finally attended our last class yesterday. where did the time go? it just ended so so fast. as much as i always complain about not liking the place, it was my stepping stone to the bigger world out there. the things i've learned and the friends i've made. not forgetting the awesome lecturers who were always there for us, never showing that they were mad, always with a smile on their face. i'm really gonna miss all of these. 

Diploma In TESL May 09, i'm going to miss you guys and i love all of you loads! All the best for our upcoming practical. lets go out there and make everyone proud! :) this is for you.. =) 

1st sem, doing our theater play.. =)
Tesl Orientation Day.. :)
here comes 2nd sem.. =)
still freshies.. 
surprise bday parties.. :)
1 Malaysia event.. :)
those annex days. haha..
<3 Shan..
the day when we moved into our new campus
everyone was excited as ever.. :D
pictures after pictures..
i still remember that day..
just 3 weeks after short sem started.. :')
my girlfwween.. :D
bunnies!! :D
back then when I City wasn't famous
and you didnt have to pay money to go in..

Tesl Night 2010..
Tesl Carnival.. :)
with our beloved mentor, Mdm Izlin.. :)
i'm gonna miss her so so much.. :'(
this was on my birthday.. :)
the first time i saw that hot guy from the public speaking competition
sitting, with the people i love.. <3
Super Juniors!!! =p
with Miss Roges.. :D
Tesl Night 2011.. 
look how pretty we all are.. :)
bersukan!! haha..
our well done effort for our microteaching at RACTAR. :)
with Mdm Shabina, the strict one..
she's the one who inspired me to take psychology..
i heart you guys! 
class of May 09' :)

we're all gonna jump like this when we graduate OK! :D

you guys rock! 
its been a blessing meeting everyone of you
all the memories we shared, will be locked in my heart forever.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


this song made me cry.. :')

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

*Every time I see your face
My heart takes off on a high speed chase
Now don't be scared, it's only love
That we're falling in
I would never do you wrong
Or let you down or lead you on
Don't look down, it's only love
Baby, that we're falling in*

Sunday, May 15, 2011


hello again! =p hehe.. told ya i'll do another blog post.. this post is to update on whatever has been happening in uni.. a week ago, we had our March and May 09' farewell dinner because we were all gonna be sitting for our final exams of the final semester and will be heading for internship 3 weeks after that. and after intern, none of us knows whether we will be seeing each other again after that or not as some of us might change course or move to another college. so we had a farewell dinner for the Diploma students of March and May 09 intake. 

the theme for the dinner was 'back to school' which means we had to wear our school uniforms. i tried on my sister's primary school pinafore and it fit perfectly! so, i decided to wear that.. :) however, that night some misunderstandings happened and caused us to look for another place for the dinner instead of the original plan, which was at campus. we went to a lakeside instead. although it was warm, dark and no place to sit, the committee put it together and it was a job well done.. :) here are some of the pics of that night..

Clarice and I..
the head prefect, the student and the other student! :D
haha.. we had to exchange gifts.. this was after we had em'.. :)

all in all, it was a good night indeed.. :) i'm gonna miss you guys. because, there is a high possibility i'll be changing course. and changing college too. i wont be seeing all of them after that anytime soon.. well, thats life. we gotta leave some things behind to pursue our goals and what we wanna do. we still can see each other. its a small world, remember? :') 

now, this was on tuesday. some malaysian artist came to the college and they had some big hoo-hah about it.. i didnt even know who was that.. lol.. we had to stay back and watch some marching or smtg like that.. my friends and i decided to take pics instead! hahaha.. shows how much we care.. pfttt...

posers kan? =p
we just looooveeee looking at MSU so much! =p
cuteness overload! :D
them.. :)

so yeah, that was basically what happened all this time that i havent been blogging.. :) as i've mentioned earlier, my finals is in 2 weeks time.. study! study! study! hehe.. see you soon bloggie! :) 

oh, and btw, i miss this bunch of people!
we should go out soon! :)

have a great week everyone! :)

*your love put me at the top of the world*

Saturday, May 14, 2011

the lil one..

hello hello!! i miss blogging! i've been wanting to blog but got a lot of stuff to do la.. i think i'm gonna divide the blog posts to several posts coz if i post in this one, its gonna be really long. hence, this blog post is dedicated to my sister.. lol.. thats because, the other day, Diane did her microteaching in class, it was a lesson on poems. we had to write a 6 line poem on the topic that she gave. my group had the title 'sister'

in the poem, you had to include these words: inspiration, a burning candle and memorable moment. i kinda knew my group mates would ask me to write the poem coz i love to write random poems, and they did. somehow, i was kinda down that day, so i just sat quietly as they discussed. while sitting down, i decided to try writing the poem. i managed to, did it in like 5 minutes.. haha.. this is how the poem goes..

There was a burning candle in the room that night,
I saw a figure, it looked like my sister.
A soft weeping  I heard, so solemn and gloomy.
She was my inspiration, my light.
Oh how i miss those memorable moments we shared.
My sister, you will always be.

yeah, that was it.. haha.. i know its kinda lame and like over a bit but it got chosen to be presented in front.. =) haha.. just wanna say that i love my sister a lot although she's a pain most of the time but she can really make me laugh and i hope she grows fast! i want a sister i can talk to about stuff.. she's still young. she wont understand those topics i talk to, to my friends whatsoever. oh well, time.. is all it take.. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

they're called FRIENDS

i'm sure everyone have friends right? i mean, who doesnt? how can one live in this world without one.. we've been going to school since kindergarten and throughout all the years till we left school and now currently in college, some might be working, i'm sure we all have had many friends along the way.. now, there are different types of friends we meet too! the good ones, the bad ones.. 

let's see, these are some of the friends i've had throughout my life.. mainly in college though, cant really remember those old ones but i'll name some.. :)

friends who are always there with you to listen to your problems..
friends who can be annoying at times..
friends that are like brothers and sisters you never had..
friends who pisses you off so much, you just feel like killing them..
friends who gives the bestest advice till it makes you cry..
friends who LOVE to show off..
friends who give their shoulder to cry on when times are rough..
friends you envy a lot and wished you lived their lives..
friends who makes you laugh all the time..
friends who can be friends in front of you but back stabs you from behind..
friends that are with you through your hardest times and moments..
friends who thinks they know everything but actually knows nothing..
friends who talk perverted stuff all the time and it actually makes you smile..
friends whom purposely makes you jealous, or maybe its just me..
friends whom you giggle and laugh with when you see a cute guy.. :p
friends whom like to show off. i HATE this kinda friends, thats why i mentioned them twice..
friends who knows everything about you which just makes you smile for no reason..
friends who are judgmental..
friends you hang out with just for a drink or a meal..
friends whom likes to act like a dumb blond or in malay they call it 'gedik'
friends who picks you up everyday because they cant see you walking to campus even if its so near..
and lastly, friends who will ALWAYS be there for you.. :)

I love my friends, regardless of whether they are ugly, beautiful, fat, thin, annoying, fun to be with, we are all God's creation. its the way were were brought up.. :) and those of you who reads this and hate it or 'terasa', well thats too bad for you.. its know as freedom of speech.. :) again, i love my friends. i might have forgotten to mention some, but nevertheless, i heart you guys! :) 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

because love is beautiful ♥

i'm in a lovey dovey mood..
hence, this... :p

syok sendiri right?
i know.. 
but, sighhh~ 
i cant help it.. 
the pictures are too nice.. :)

*We may only have tonight
But till the morning sun, you're mine
All mine
Play the music low
And sway to the rhythm of love*