Friday, April 29, 2011

you make me wanna say "I do"

ah yes, everyone is all hyped up about the Royal Wedding today.. its been trending on twitter for the whole week, it was the wedding the whole world was waiting to watch.. I was one of them too! gosh, i cant tell you how excited I was.. 

i had my mid sem this week, yesterday and today to be exact.. it wasnt too bad as i thought it would be.. i did well, i must say.. :) anyway, as soon as my paper finished today, i was eager to go home to Kajang because i wanted to watch the wedding so badly.. but first, i needed to satisfy my hunger by treating myself with the awesome rice at Padang Jawa.. =p i love food, what can i do? =p

so yeah, after that i headed to the ktm for kajang. train was packed as hell today. thank god for the woman coach, seriously. as soon as i reach kajang, i asked my cousin to fetch me and then headed to my grandma's place. my grandma, uncle and aunties were all watching already la, and i, excited as i always am joined in as well. waiting and waiting patiently for the Prince and his family and the bride to arrive at the church..

all i was saying throughout was "awwwwwwwww" and "so niceeeee!!!". typical, i know. haha.. but yeah, every part of the wedding made me go "awwwwwww".. and i nearly teared and was smiling from ear to ear like a sicko.. haha.. what? i cant help it, it was just so so romantic and watching a real fairy tale come to life.. simply just WOW.. :) the highlight of the wedding was of course the famous kiss at the balcony of Buckingham Palace.. :) another incident that made me go "awwwwww" dont believe me? see the pictures! you'll go "awwwww" yourself! =p 

her gorgeous dress by Alexander McQueen.. :)
the newlyweds, Prince William and Princess Catherine,
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.. :)
the highlights. :)
i bet Princess Diana would be smiling from above.. :)

okay, i better stop with the wedding. i'm getting crazy already.. haha.. :D i have royal business to do this weekend.. super busy! need to do the slideshow for daddy's 50th birthday party, attend that talk in church tomorrow, send cousin off to the airport coz he'll be going to US for 5 months :(, attend the PYC formation in church on monday, finish up assignments due next week, and the biggest of them all, planning and practicing for my presentation because i'm the 1st person to present. sighhh~ :( oh well, got lots going on this weekend.. busy! busy! busy! 

see you soon bloggie dearest! au revoir! 

*will you marry me? =p*

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