Saturday, April 16, 2011

a testimony

hi there bloggie! i havent been posting anything here this time around eh.. sorry. =( been really busy and got nothing much to blog about actually.. anyway, this blog post is my testimony about what i've learnt during our Microteaching assignment at the orphanage home last Saturday.. :)

I’ve never thought of becoming a teacher at all, simply because I never really liked teaching at first. To me, it was a rather a boring job with no challenge whatsoever. Little did I know that a few years down the road after having that thought, I would end up here doing my diploma as a future English teacher.

I was contemplating about our Microteaching at the orphanage because I’m the type of person who doesn’t really like to speak in front of crowds simply because I am shy. I’d rather be the one who doesn’t have the limelight and be the ‘behind the stage’ helper type. But somehow, this couldn’t be avoided as it was compulsory for all of us to do our microteaching as it was part of our coursework.

I’ve had teaching experiences before this but somehow this seemed a little challenging because we were going to teach children with quite low proficiency in English. That really freaked me out when I saw the condition of their level of communication. I thought, “This is going to be the end. I won’t be able to do it”.

But then, during their breakfast break, I gathered my courage to talk to some of the children, as I like talking and playing with them. I found out that it wasn’t that bad after all, well maybe because I was talking to them in Bahasa Malaysia that’s why it didn’t seem bad. They were friendly and respondent though, a bit cheeky and playful, but we were all children once right?

When lunch time came, I felt even more nervous than ever because our group was the last to teach. I really was dreading for the time to come. I took the initiative to go and talk to more kids and get to know their names so that I wont feel so lost while teaching later, at least I would know some of their names.

Finally, the time came. Standing in front of everyone felt like I was standing at the edge of a cliff with my heart beating faster and faster every second. As my friends were presenting, they did a lot of jokes, and I saw my lecturer smiling and laughing along which made me feel a bit lighter. Then comes the first activity, conducted by three of my friends which was Snake and Ladder.

During that time, one of the kids, named Fatimah who was the rascal one there, I bet. She asked me to bring her to the toilet, twice! That really made me scared even more when I got back, because I was loosing out on what my friends were presenting. Then, eventually it came to my turn to teach.

I tried to remain calm, and threw out my voice as much as I could so that everyone could hear me. My partner in teaching, Naufal did his part of the introduction and I was to explain the instructions of our activity which was called ‘Love Letters’. I tried explaining in the simplest English and I think the children did understand which was a really big relieved to me.

My teammates helped Naufal and I conduct the activity which I think went smoothly. The only disadvantage I think was the time constrain. We had to rap up the activity as fast as possible because we were only allocated a certain amount of time to allow our next teammates to present. However, I really do think our activity went well and I did not screw up that badly as I thought I would.

Teaching at this orphanage really opened my eyes to the different types of difficulties of students, level of proficiency and whatsoever that we will be facing later on during our internship. This was just the beginning. I now know that teaching is not an easy job after all and it really is more challenging that I thought.

At the end of the day, none of us wanted to leave the orphanage because we were all touched by these children and we were really glad that we got to teach them something and hopefully they would learn and remember it. I now know that I should never take anything for granted because it looks easy or simple, until I try it. :)

future teachers on board! =p

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