Saturday, April 30, 2011

its May baby!!

which meanssss, internship is just one month away! daymmnnnn!! i feel so unprepared.. like really unprepared.. anyway, yesterday was daddy's 50th birthday dinner. it went well, food was great. not many pics taken but its the memories shared that counts.. :) here are some of the pics taken.. :) 

daddy's friends, uncle Michael and wife, and uncle Billy and wife..
family members, just arrived..
Cat, saying grace before meals.. =p
Fr.William blessing the cake..
Happy birthday to Daddy! :D
the famous cake feeding.. =p
cousins, from mummy's side.. this is just half of them..
with Jeremy and Shayna.. :)
cousins from the dad's side, Jonathan and Joshua..

hehe.. thats about it.. of course there are more pics from other camera's but i'll upload them later when i'm free.. till then everyone, enjoy your weekend! =)

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