Sunday, March 6, 2011

hello March!

oh wow, can you believe it, its March already! where did the time go huh? *shakes head* time is flying by sooooo fast mannn.. so, what have you people been doing lately? my finals is this week! yikesss!! this is considered like my final sem before i do my short sem and head for my practical in school.. goshh~ i wonder if i'm even up for it... 

the thing is, i like teaching and everything but i dont think i wanna pursue it as my lifelong career.. i wanna do other things as well.. like, teach while doing something else too.. wouldnt it be more cool? lol.. i shall decide all that after i finish my degree k.. for now, let me just sail through my diploma coz its gonna end soon..*sobs* everything is happening too fast..

i got nothing much to blog about actually.. i'm just blogging right now coz its a new month and i wanna write something or else it'll look dead.. LOL.. i know, you'd probably be thinking "whats the point of having a blog then?" well, i just dont have all the time in the world and i told ya already i dont have internet connection at that shah alam house.. which reminds me, i might be moving again soon... pfftttt... daddy really wants me to move somewhere nearby the coll.. i really dont understand why.. its so expensive! sighhhh~ oh well, i dont have a say in this as usual.. 

oh i almost forgot, Lent period is starting this wednesday.. i'm gonna be a vegan again for 40 days.. its time to go slow on the food as i've been a total pig recently.. eat and eat and eat non stop.. no wonder my pocket money finishes so fast..  the youths will be having a few outreaching programs for Lent, i so cant wait! :) happy fasting everyone! 

so anyway, here's my timetable for the final exam..

Thursday(10th March) - Teaching Aural Oral Skills
Friday(11th March) - Educational Psychology
Monday(14th March) - Classroom Management
Wednesday(16th March) - Professionalism and Ethics
Friday(18th March) - Pedagogy

tadaaa! i'm gonna do my best and leave the rest to God.. :) all the best to everyone too k.. :)

i miss this bunch of people.. suddenly~ 
my friend, Maizatul Adlin is in hospital now dealing with a very serious disease
please do keep her in your prayers k..
thanks everyone.. 

and remember, whatever happens..
in your problems and trials..
remember that God is always there watching over you
and dont forget to........

have a great week everyone!!! =)

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