Thursday, February 3, 2011

what happened in January. Pictures only! :p

yes, pictures only as i promised.. =p all in college only though.. 

first day of Catechism class..
the students this year very quiet laaa.. :(
the day in class when Giha brought her camera
and we all started camwhoring.. :p
Alias damn semangat taking our pics.. lol..
the famous jumping shot..
then at night, we went to see Naufal's sis at the
Mr and Miss MSU competition..

our classmates, Adib won it.. haha.. =)

this was during exam time.
we all so semangat studying all night..
till can sleep off..
Naufal is gonna kill me for this.. =p
the excited faces when exam was over.. haha..
and we all treated ourselves at Fullhouse in Sunway..
then comes Syahmi's treasure hunt mentor mentee activity..
made us run around the whole campus
according to his mind on paper!
so cute!! but blur la..
this make up for the sleeping pic above rite? :p
Arifah brought her camera too.. and this happened.. haha..
during Diane's surprise bday party..
Noshini and I.. :)

ok ok, lets forget about all of them for a while..
look at..
vain pictures of ME!!!! =p

take 1..
take 2..
take 3...
take 4..
take 5..
take 6..
take 7..
and finally.. take 8.. :p

hehe.. i just had to put my pics in there too la.. =p
what to do.. 
i like to bangga diri.. 
its good you know, to bangga diri..
but not too much la of coz.. 
anyway, thats all for now..
see ya in the next blog post! chiow! =)

*my heart stops when you look at me*

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