Saturday, January 1, 2011

a brand new year..

first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 EVERYONE!!!

so, what did you do today? as its also a special date.. 1.1.11.. awesomeness.. well, i went to grandma's place and just ate and ate and ate all day.. haha.. this is the only season where you can eat so much till your heart's desire so why worry about all those pounds? technically, its still the Yuletide season hence, DONT STOP EATING!! lol.. 

there are some things on my new year's resolution list..

*loose 5kg's by February hopefully.. 
*see Taylor Swift live in Singapore hopefully..
*no more emoing and causing troubles for no reason..
*get into the dean's list before i finish my diploma..
*successfully graduate from my diploma and move on to degree..
*make a change in someone's life..
*doing something big which i dont know what..
*doing something crazy like bungee jumping, sky diving, roller coaster ride or smtg.. 

thats about it i guess.. :) hopefully everything can be achieved although the last one seems impossible.. haha.. =p hey, you'll never know right? anyway, hope you guys have a great year ahead and a blessed one.. take care and till then.. =) toodles! 

*never underestimate the power of second chances* 

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