Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my december :)

hello December..!! woohoo!!! the month i've been waiting for all year has finally arrived..!! why am i waiting for this month you may ask? well, Christmas songs will be filling the atmosphere, my birthday is in this month and of course,Christmas.. :) its the best time of the year! so today being the first of December, i was all hyped up to go to coll and all set to study... cheeehhh wahh.. hahaha.. 

classes went on as normal.. first class was Aural Oral skills.. i had a new nickname too.. BRIDGE.. hahaha.. this was because, i sat between the boys and girls, so according to my lecturer, Mdm Amalina, i'm the bridge that connects the guys and the girls.. HAHA!! funny i know.. =p then it was break time so went to have lunch at the U cafe.. mummy called after that to tell me she and daddy are at the airport and will be leaving shortly.. sighh~ another 4 days without them.. :( they went to Bali btw.. 

right after classes were over at 4, Amir and Aten sent me to the train station and i finally took the ktm again after like eermm 11 months? haha.. its been soooo long since i last took the train and i was praying hard they wont betray me on the first day of December.. and it didnt! i was sooo happy the train came on time even the one going back to Kajang.. :) at kl sentral, i had the most amazing sight ever.. 2 gorgeous guys walked in the train and i couldnt take my eyes of them.. like seriously.. wooowwww... hahaha..

and another guy stood beside me with the earphone in his earholes blasting the music away.. he had a good choice in music i must say.. i was actually singing to the song that was until he turned and saw me.. goodness.. embarassing la.. then when the train reached mid valley, a few church boys which i knew off entered the train, made so much of noise and got shut down by some man.. hahahhaa..

when i finally reached kajang 2 hours later, Jonathan, Joshua and Joel came to escort me home.. hahahaha.. had dinner at aunty maureen's place and got back home.. today, i'm doing nothing but to finish up my homeworks for tomorrow.. i'll be driving to coll tomorrow from kajang!! weeeee!! thats the only nice thing when my parents are not around, i'll get the car.. hehe.. =p i'm so dead if mummy reads this.. :p 

anyway, i gtg continue doing my assignment.. i totally forgot about another assignment.. thank goodness Naufal reminded me.. see u soon bloggie!! Happy December..!! :D toodles!! 

*sweet serendipity <3*

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