Friday, December 10, 2010

missing in action.. =p

the heck i was.. my poor darling bloggie.. i know you missed me right? so sorry la.. i've been wanting to blog but as usual, i love to procrastinate which leads me to writting this blog post now.. anyway, i really have no idea what to blog about actually.. i just came here to blog coz i dont want it to look dead.. haha.. ok let me just recap on what i have been doing since the beginning of December till now and the things that are gonna happen..

  • watched Due Date with a few of my friends at Mid Valley the other day.. funny crap la that movie.. should watch it if you're in for a stress release.. =)

  • had our first Jai Ho dance practice for the ponggal festival next year.. its awesome! but damn pain.. this is what you get for not exercising often.. my leg still aches till today and the next practice is on sunday.. haiyoo...
  • went to Mum's house after that and their house was already decorated.. all in the Christmas mood.. me too!! mine is in the process.. all decorated already, only the tree not up yet.. =p
the tree in Mum's house..
  • while decorating the house, i found Jordy's Santa's hat too.. so i decided to put it on and take a pic of it.. =) 
hahaha.. so cute!! 
  • we had our first mentor mentee activity that day by Shangkari.. it was really fun to sum it up.. 
Amirul and Syahmi doing APRICO!!
damn funny la the game.. :)
maybe we can play it for our youth games later.. :)
  • hmm.. i guess so far thats all the main highlights that happened so far la.. whats coming up you may ask? well, here's what i have in store for my december.. 
* 12th - Jai Ho 2nd practice
* 14th - LnL Malam Ria at Good Shepard Church, Setapak
* 17th - Charlene's church Christmas Concert
* 18th - Relatives anniversary dinner
* 19th - Christmas deco in church with the youths, Migrants BBQ night..
* 20th - Penetential Service
* 21st - Ashley's 1st birthday
* 22nd - My birthday :)
* 23rd - Mentor Mentee activity
* 24th - Christmas Eve Midnight Mass
*25th - Christmas in Taiping and Penang till 27th
* 31st - New Years Eve..!! =)

tada!! see how pack my december is.. haha.. i got loads of stuff to do plus with college sumore.. haiyoo.. i hope they give us Christmas holidays which i can only hope coz i know it wont happen.. pfttt.. anyway, looking on the bright side, Christmas is coming and its the season of giving.. :) so i shall see what i can do to give.. :) and if i dont blog again till next year, SORRY! you've seen my schedule for yourself rite.. =p till then bloggie! toodles! :)

*all i want for Christmas is you*

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