Friday, December 17, 2010

guess who's back?

hey hey! guess who's back? ME!! =p haha.. i know, i havent been a good blogger this month.. i am just so busy with stuff.. my weekdays are packed with classes plus i have no internet connection to even blog and my weekends are just packed with loads of stuff to do.. so, what did i do this week you may ask? i shall just show you pics of everything la k but to sum it all up, i had one awesome week.. from meeting old friends, to surprise birthday party to going to the hospital.. lol.. 

its not me la who's in the hospital.. its daddy.. he got admitted today for a dental surgery.. :) he'll be fine.. just pray for him k? thank you!! :) well, as promised, here are the pics... enjoy! *i'm too lazy to blog thats why*

random day in class.. :)
with arifah.. :)
went for the Love & Life Malam Ria with Sapna..
and came back with 3 others, Chris,Chris and Jacinta.. :p
with Jacinta.. :)
Mdm Izlin's surprise bday party..
all the December-ians cutting the cake.. =p
i had to jump and say 
"Happy Birthday Mdm Izlin! I love you!" 
3 times!!  

hmm.. thats about it i guess.. as i said earlier, daddy is in hospital now.. gonna see him tomorrow and its gonna be one big packed day la.. hospital, shopping, church, relatives dinner, back to the hosp.. dont even make me get started on sunday.. my weekends are always packed.. esp in december.. i just love this month la.. =) anyway, my birthday is this week.. =) yes, i'm finally gonna be 19.. and next year i'll be 20 already.. goodness me.. so olddddddddd.. :( haishhh.. how time flies.. 

i shall come back soon k! i'll try my best.. till then bloggie.. i dunno what to talk about here d... so, bye for now.. :)

*no Jimmy Choo's please! =p*

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