Sunday, November 28, 2010

tis the season to be jolly!

and its Advent..!! yes, it finally is.. i feel sooooo happy.. finally get to play Christmas songs and all that.. its the best time of the year and the season everyone's been waiting for.. :) ok enough of christmas for now.. lets talk about the Catechetical Jamboree.. =) my bro and sis attended la and it looks like they really did have a lot of fun.. 

so yesterday morning, i went to church for praise and worship with the youths.. it was fun doing action songs and singing along with all the kids.. there were 380 of them in total.. cool right.. i didnt know kajang actually had that amount of kids.. haha.. after praise and worship, we had nothing to do but prepared for the games later in the afternoon.. there were 12 stations for the 12 groups so it'll be synchronized la.. and my station had to be under the blazing hot sun la.. goodness gracious.. i was with Juan, and she and i were like under the sun for almost an hour or even more... coz our station was the sponge and water game you see, so we needed an open area..

nicely got toasted and now i'm another step to the darker side.. sighhh... after the games, i just sat around while waiting for mummy to go back and bathe and get ready for mass in the evening.. went back, bathed, changed and went to church for mass.. and mass, gosh, i almost slept off la.. i was extreamly tired and sleepy by then already but we had to wait till night for the Single Ladies dance again.. 

after mass, i followed Glynn to Colin's house for his grandpa's 30th day prayers.. ok, not prayers la.. i dont know what you call it, but it always happens on the 30th day la.. =p oops! i'll get back to you on that k.. =p so yeah, went to Colin's house for a quick visit coz his dad told us to come and we were all didnt really know whether to go or not coz we had our single ladies practice and the campfire was going on in church.. but we went anyway.. we meaning Christine, Juan and me.. :) 

goodness, the whole time we were there, i kept laughing and laughing la.. Juan's blurness, Saha's clownness and Christine's ever blurness as well.. and Pam's stories.. me and Glynn were like laughing and laughing till tears came out.. haha.. its so nice to have friends around us right.. :) so yeah, right after dinner we headed back to church for the practice.. Christine and I changed in the car! LOL... *whattttttt!!! we were rushing k* :p haha..

reached church, we had like a few rounds of practice then we danced in front of almost 400 plus plus people, including Fr.William okay.. HAHA.. and although i danced like a complete kayu, people still came up to me and said i danced well.. yeah right la... you should have seen me la.. worst than a kayu i think.. hahaha.. i begged mummy to go home after the dance coz i was super duper tired and could have just fainted there k.. practically the whole day in church.. i went home and just crashed on the bed till this morning..

and yeah, i woke up late today and rushed to church for their praise and worship again.. thank goodness i made it just in time.. after that i thought i could go back and cont sleeping but daddy told me to wait till mass was over.. haiyoooo... so i waited la.. while waiting, i went for a second round of breakfast with Juan and Freddie.. after mass, i came back with Joel and Cat and all of us just slept again like logs till about 6pm just now.. haha..

it was a fun weekend alltogether though it was tiring.. :) apparently, there'll be a jamboree next year too.. so unfair right. they didnt have it during our time.. the last jamboree was like 10 years ago.. haha.. oh well.. tomorrow i'll be going back to that godforsaken place.. sighh~ why la why.. i just dont have the mood to go back there now esp when Advent just begun.. =( nvm, looking on the bright side, i still have my other friends to look forward to there.. :) i'll see you soon bloggie! i'll try to update if i have internet connection there.. till then, toodles! :)

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