Saturday, November 20, 2010

sick and tired..

hello!! my last post before i officially start classes tomorrow.. fourth semester.. i got one more sem to go, then practicum and i'm done with diploma.. heading forward for my degree!! 5 weeks of holiday and i chose the last weekend of my holidays just before my classes start to fall sick.. nice la very nice indeed.. i'm having bad flu, cough and fever comes and goes sometimes.. bottom line is, I'M SICK!!! arghhhh!! 

seriously, i feel like an old lady la.. as it is that day after playing captain ball, i felt like i was paralyzed or something coz i could barely move my legs.. and now, after getting my sucky results, i decide to fall sick a day before going back to uni.. haiyoooo... maybe its a sign or something.. i also dunno what sign.. haha.. anyway, i wont be online this whole week till i get back next week coz, first, i moved house and there's no internet in the new house in shah alam.. second, i'm training myself to not online often and concentrate on my studies.. and third, i have to live with it! 

went to uni that day for registration and i was really happy seeing familiar faces coz honestly, after one month of holiday, my brains karat like crap and i couldnt even remember a few people's names.. =p it took me a while to process their faces then only their names popped out.. LoL.. talk about getting old.. anyway, i moved my stuff to the new house already.. its a bit weird to stay in an apartment coz its small when i'm so used to living in a house.. oh well, its called experience.. its now or never.. =) *trying to be optimistic* i didnt wanna bring a lot of stuff, just the essentials.. 

hope this will be a good sem.. and hope it ends well too.. till then everyone! thanks for dropping by.. =) toodles!!

P.S its Advent next week..!! Christmas season is here!!! =D weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!!!

Tumblr pics never fail to inspire me.. :)
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