Monday, November 1, 2010

goodbye October, hello November..!!

well, here we are again, but its a new month!! yes, its a new month and its known as NOVEMBER!! weehoo!! a month left before we call all start playing Christmas songs and that jolly feeling.. woohoo!! i cant wait..!! i got 18 days to waste in November before my new sem starts.. it sucks to have a sem in December, but nevertheless, i know its gonna be fun..

so, what have i been doing for the past two days of the brand new month? yesterday was All Saints Day, so went to church at 7 in the morning for mass then had breakfast at the shop nearby then went back and did absolutely nothing till night.. like seriously, NOTHING.. how lame and lifeless can my life get right? then at night, mummy said she wanted to go to uncle jerry's house to do some of her work stuff.. and i was contemplating whether or not to ask uncle jerry to fix my lappy.. you see, i smartly and accidentally deleted the sound and audio file from my laptop, so i couldnt hear any sound from my laptop for the past 3 months.. its depressing k..

when i wanted to listen to songs, i had to download then transfer it to my phone to listen.. how much more lamer can i get.. lol.. so, i decided to ask uncle jerry to fix it.. and he did.. i swear i could just run around the whole of kajang in a potato outfit and just being happy coz i was seriously so happy to hear the sound from my laptop.. i was ecstatic!! haha.. so came back, then i helped mummy to do the flowers for today's All Souls Day.. finished that, i went up and played music from my laptop, not phone k, laptop! WEEEEEEEEE!!!! hahaha...

today, i decided to stay at home for some reasons.. i didnt wanna go anywhere.. mummy's working half day today, so she'll be coming back any minute then we'll be going to the cementary for the prayers and all.. but, its gonna rain.. hmmm.. oh well, gotta be positive!! =) 

the flowers.. 
my fav one!! =)

well, thats about it.. November, be good to me please.. hehe.. till then, byeeee!!! =)

*♥17 ♥*

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