Wednesday, November 24, 2010

elevator goes up, elevator comes down..

i'm back! i'm back!! yessssss!!! ok, its not like i've been away to somewhere for so long and just came back.. haha.. its just me being away from the social world for 4 days.. its hard okay.. i'm trying to get used to it.. and so far, i'm ok with it.. one thing because i have my story books with me to keep me company and also songs.. i dont really have much to study yet coz its just the first week and we're still getting our books and everything.. so not much la.. 

the new house is errrrmmm... awkward? i dont know, coz all i ever do when i'm there is sit in the room all day.. i just got no mood to go out and socialize with my other housemates.. not that i'm anti social or anything, its just, i feel really awkward mixing around with the new housemates.. i still miss Ayu and Anis.. sighhh~ =( oh well... looking on the bright side, classes have officially begun and i love it!! i really have this good feeling about this sem.. my lecturers are awesome!! i absolutely love Mdm Shabina.. whatever she spoke about in her first class was exactly what i wrote in my previous blog post, about chasing your dreams and everything..

and yesterday we had the general assembly to welcome the new intake students for TESL.. i still remember the time when we were new.. making new friends and all that.. sighhh~ memories.. speaking of memories, the committee did a slide show which really went down memory lane.. all the past events we had and the pics.. i just loved it..!! and to make it even better, our mentor, Mdm Izlin gave us sorta like an assignment to do which is organizing an event for our subject Creativity and Innovation.. i'm still wondering what to do.. hmmm...

and and and.. the best part was, aten brought her sister's polaroid camera and we took a pic!! weeeee!! very the naiseee!! =D

okay, not very clear coz this was taken from the phone
of the original picture..
but its really nice!! 
this was a few of us after the general assembly yesterday..
i sayang you guys!! =D

after the meeting, i went back to the apartment then mummy came and fetched me home.. i'm so excited to be home!! and really looking forward to the weekend.. the catechetical jamboree!! woots!! and we'll be doing Single Ladies again! hope i dont screw up the steps again this time la.. and i just got a bad news from Naufal, we have class tomorrow... SIGHHH!!! 12-1.. i have to go all the way back there for an hour class just because our HOD is gonna come in.. pffftttt... so much for my 4 days break la.. oh well.. i'll see u soon bloggie!! toodles!!

P.S Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! =)

*love notes on heart shaped papers*

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