Sunday, November 21, 2010

dream, dream, dream...

you probably would be wondering why am i so rajin suddenly coming here to blog at 2.43AM.. yes, you read that right.. its 2.43 in the MORNING.. and i'm wide awake like its 12 in the afternoon or something.. sighhh~ i dont know why i cant sleep.. probably its the coffee i had just now at my grandma's place.. hmmm.. 

i was lying down on my bed since 12.30am and i just couldnt fall asleep.. then my mind started thinking about a lot of stuff as i thought la, since i'm doing TESL and i shall continue till i finish my Masters, with God's willing, then i shall become a lecturer in a uni or college or something right? and and and, i really had this huge dream of becoming a writer/journalist someday since i love writing and talking so much.. last but not least, i reallllyyyyy love taking photographs and i simply love beautiful photography, as you can see from my tumblr.. not that those are my photos, i just love the photos.. :)

so what i thought was, what if i could be these 3 persons? a lecturer, a writer and a photographer.. that will be  totally AWESOME!!! What if la huh.. like my titles says, dreams..What and If are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life.. oh well.. we shall see la huh if that will happen in the future.. who knows maybe if i start writing a novel, it could be big like J.K Rowling or something.. =p yeahhhh righhtttt.. in my head la! haha.. 

okay, its 3AM now and i still cant sleep.. sighhh~ whats wrong with me la? i took medicine already and should be cuddled up and sleeping like a baby.. =p hehe.. i like to syok sendiri you see.. hehe.. but i cant and God knows what time will i finally go and sleep.. haiyooo.. thank goodness got people online at this hour and i cant talk to them or smtg.. =p oh well, i should try to get some sleep.. its gonna be a new beginning of classes tomorrow or today i shall say.. see you soon bloggie! toodles!

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