Thursday, October 7, 2010

of exams and things in between..

hello..!! =D so, as some of you know, i've started my exams already... 2 papers down and 3 more to go.. the first paper wasn't that bad la.. the 2nd paper was errmm..bad.. i managed to answer all the questions like semangatly and turned out most of it was wrong.. oh well, lets just hope for the best.. forget about this paper and concentrate on the other three more to come.. I came back after the paper and slept for 4 hours straight.. =p *tired okay!*

well, last night, one of our classmates, Syahmi, had a small open house at his place.. it was fun.. :) meeting up with all our fellow classmates and just chilling.. p.s. this dude can cook okay.. his 'Ayam Masak Hitam' *racist* is so good..!! crap, didnt get a pic of that.. nvm, someday in the future.. left there at about 10 plus.. Naufal sent me home.. had some small misunderstanding with him that made me soooooo GERAM..!! thank goodness everything is okay now.. or maybe i'm pmsing.. =( gosh, i hate this.. 

so, came back home then onlined a while till 12 then i went to bed.. i woke up at sharp 8 today.. haha.. tepat tepat 8 hours of sleep.. =) and now I have no idea what to do for the whole day.. probably just sit in my room and study, blast some mucic, dance to Single Ladies, eat, sleep, cry, emo.. yeah, probably thats my agenda for today.. I shall now leave you with some photos before I say tata.. =)

wok as the cameraman..
kak syu-ainul-arifah
the boys..
they jokingly said Khai(the guy with the songkok like)
was from JAIS.. haha.. clowns..
makannnn!!!! =p
with the girls..
me-aten-fong-pams-lin-half of clarice body.. =p
one small happy family.. =p
mummy n daddy! (aten n amir)
with alias and wok.. =(
goodbyes... =(

thats about it la.. there's like 133 pics.. i just put the ones with me in it.. HAHA! =p like duhhhh, its my blog rite, why would I wanna post so many pics of other people all.. a few would do already.. haha.. go see on facebook! =D till then ppl, tata! have a great weekend!

P.S, guys! please help my friend, Amanda Janelle Quah.. she trying to win Paramore tics.. haha.. just go to this link HERE and click 'Like' k.. =) thanks everyone! 

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