Sunday, October 17, 2010

i just need you now =(

and so, my holidays have officically started.. on saturday which was the last day of my paper, I was so damn tired and had so many mixed feelings inside of me coz first, i flopped the paper, second, i was so damn tired due to lack of sleep trying to study that bloody Multimedia paper, third, happy and thanking God exam was over, fifthly, excited that i'll be able to hang out with my buddies before they send me home and lastly, super excited that i was going back home to kajang.

after exam, i came out with that feeling of relieve exam was finally over.. but at the same time, sad coz the paper was tough.. me, naufal, syahmi and a few others waited and waited and waited for amirul to come out.. when he finally did, we took off to fetch fatin and went back to my house so that i can pack my stuff and take everything as i'll be moving to Ilham apartments starting next sem. so yea, went home packed, then the guys came and fetched us, and we headed to Lookout Point at Ampang!! its been my dream to go there since we finished mid sem and it finally came true last saturday. =)

the journey there wasn't that long la.. within half an hour we reached there.. went through some kampung all like as if we going Hari Raya visit oni.. hahahaa.. but it was fun la.. and the roads are scary.. trust me, when you go up there and look at KL, you'll feel like you're in heaven or smtg.. and suddenly you'll feel so proud of Malaysia.. when you're up there only la.. =p HAHAHA!!

the view from Lookout Point..
check out the sun rays..
thanks for the gift of God.. =)

but then we went to early la, if go there at night it'll be awesome! but sadly, i had to go home and the others had plans.. i'm thankful enough to reach up there. sorry for the pic qualities, this was all taken from my phone camera only.. i dont have a dslr YET okay.. =p *hint hint to mummy and daddy, my birthday is on the way you know* we had our meals, which was fairly good.. a bit pricey though but i guess its normal for western food la.

my fish and chips..
the fish was slightly hard..
which was kind of a letdown..
the coleslaw was yummy!!
alias's spaghetti bolgonese..
he gave it a 3.2 outta 4..
which i guess was good.. haha..
naufal's meal set..
he gave the chicken 3.9..
rice 3.5..
and he gave all the coleslaw to me coz i LOVED it..
and also coz he anti-vegi it seems..
monkey.. HAHA!

fatin's grilled chicken chop.
i didnt ask her how it taste..
but i guess it was good..

i didnt get a pic of amir's crunchy chicken chop tho.. after having such a hearty meal, we made our way to kajang! weehoo! another half an hour journey.. they sent me to church coz my family wanted to attend sunset mass, so i made it just in time for mass.. after that and dinner, we headed home and to my suprise, we had new furnitures at home.. it looked kinda cool but i never really like leather sets. looks like i just gotta deal with it.. sunday was PPA in church.. nothing much except tiring..

my agenda for today? facebook, tumblr, twitter, blog, movies.. yeah, thats how lifeless i'll be till this weekend which is HFC YOUTH CAMP! gosh, i cant wait.. and if things go as plan, every weekend will be filled right till i go back to coll.. weee! the holidays just couldnt get any better.. =D

weekend 1 - HFC Youth Camp( in PD)
weekend 2 - Singapore trip!
weekend 3 - PD trip, again!
weekend 4 - either Penang or Melaka, hopefully..
weekend 5 - back to college!!

I hope all this weekends happen la.. or else i like semangat wish for it to happen then see see, tak jadi oso.. haha.. but the sad thing is, only weekends la.. weekdays i'll be doing absolutely nothing.. =( unless someone wants to bring me out.. =p hehe.. well, today i'll be going for colin's grandpa's funeral later. then probably go visit lynn at the hospital. at night, there's rosary in my place.. tomorrow, naufal and alias will be coming down, so thought of bringing them to eat some satay.. =) woots! cant wait! i'll update again when i'm in the mood again k.. till then! have a great week! =D

*i just need you now*

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