Saturday, October 2, 2010

half of my heart...

hey there bloggie..!! this is a new record.. me blogging 3 days in a row.. haha.. well, lets just say I suddenly got that blogging mojo back in me and hopefully i'll keep blogging more often and not leave my poor blog dead.. =) Well, its Saturday today.. 2nd day of October.. i'm loving it so far.. not much complains.. well, what i did today was wake up, on my lappy and resume downloading the Letters To Juliet which I have been trying to download for the past 2 months.. always also when its towards the end, suddenly it will stop downloading.. sighh.. i'm really crossing my fingers for this one to download completely this time..

had breakfast then mummy wanted to go to church to do the breakfast corner thingy.. so followed and helped her.. before that, we stopped by Metro Kajang to get some stuff.. I ended up buying 3 new nail polish.. =p I was planning to do french manicure la.. i'll explain later.. so, after church, went home and helped mummy to wash the clothes, dry the clothes, and I even cooked lunch today.. *i'm such a good child* :p haha.. then mummy had to send Joel and Cat for their Tae Kwon Do classes.. just 5 minutes after she left, daddy came back from work.. and I was dreading seeing him.. simply because I was irresponsible with a few things and I knew he was gonna give me left and right about it..

true enough, while having lunch he asked me bout my phone bill which really went over the limit last month.. yes, i admit it was my fault.. i happily use the phone without even thinking twice about everything while using it.. then last week, my zone and Anne's zone were supposed to have out Y2Y at church but it was canceled last min coz there weren't enough people.. daddy booked 2 courts in the hall under my name and i totally forgot to tell him that everything was canceled.. then in the evening after sending him to the airport(coz he was going to Myanmar), he called me and asked what happened to the Y2Y and all la.. i said it was canceled.. and he said i could have at least informed him and now there's ppl in church waiting to play but cant play coz the courts are supposedly booked by me.. 

so that matter also i kena nicely left and right.. then the last one was, remember we had that talk in church by Martin Jalleh for all the youths in May? daddy ordered curry puffs and some kuih for tea la.. and the tupperware, the mak cik asked me to keep 1st la.. so i did, and again i forgot to tell daddy bout it.. then yest she called daddy and asked about the tupperware.. again la, i kena another round of bombarding from him.. sighh~ i am totally irresponsible and cant do anything right la.. =(

after all that nagging, i came up to my room and changed the bedsheet and mattress all... then i had nothing to do, and wasnt feeling sleepy so i decided to do some friendship bracelet thing which has been lying in my cupboard since last Christmas.. I managed to do two only la.. then i got lazy..

the friendship bracelet kit..

the first finished one..

the second finished one..

after i got tired of that.. I decided to paint my nails and toe nails.. i've been wanting to do french manicure for a long time already and i kept my fingernails long coz of that.. I took out la all the colours i had and wondered what to paint my toe nails.. started to do the french manicure on my last two fingers and it failed i decided to just paint it transparent.. thats the best.. plus, my skin tone isnt helping.. if i'm fair then any colour ok la.. butttt... sighhh~

the nail polishes.... =p

the failed frech manicure..

so yeah, i painted my toe nails brown colour instead.. didnt take pic of that though.. I'm supposed to be out now.. =( Naufal wanted to come down to Kajang coz he's alone in Shah Alam.. and all our other friends also went back to their houses and no one is there this week.. His sis went back to Penang with their parents yesterday so he's left alone.. he wanted to come down but its kinda far and thank goodness he didnt also.. after all the nagging i had, i think i'll be grounded till my exams are over.. =( so, i'll just be seeing him and everyone on Monday only i guess.. later, i'll be going to Melissa's grandmother's house for the 7th day prayers.. tmr, church and dinner at Uncle Jerry's place at night.. then probably back to Shah Alam la..

Next week final exam d.. =( need to study!! as it is my mid sem results sucked.. whoever said English was easy can go hang themselves.. it is NOT easy at all.. if this is hard, i cant imagine those Law and Medical students.. oh well, thats life.. full of trials.. okay, i better get off now before i get another round of nagging.. see you soon!! All The Best for all those sitting for exams! God bless.. =)

btw, the new season of Glee ROCKS!!! =D

*you're the traffic in my head
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  2. haha.. same here..!! i have more of it actually but dont know where it went.. haha.. =p