Sunday, October 24, 2010

Faith, Friendship, Freedom..

47 youths from Holy Family Kajang made their way to HFC at around 4.30 pm on the evening of 22nd of October not knowing what they are about to undergo for that 3 days stay there in PD.  As the bus reached Champagnat Youth Center in Port Dickson, everyone's expression was...

"why the grass so unkept wan"
"its like we're going back into the 1950's"
"we going through some sawah padi izzit"
"omg! we're gonna stay here ah?"
" looks like a haunted mansion!"

and so on... i had the same thought as the rest and wasn't really excited with the thought that there'll only be 1 toilet in the girls dorm.. ONE okay.. but then i found out there was six more beside the guy's dorm.. God does miracles doesnt he? so yeah, had our dinner and our first session then we went to bed..

Day 2 - Its always the best day out of the 3 days. Why? first, we had amazing sessions with an amazing speaker, Martin Jalleh. second, we had really good food all day.. third, our praise and worship group rocks! fourth, the games team and the committee did an amazing job and we were all happily rolling around in sand, flour and sea water of course! fifth, the inner healing session made us open our eyes and learn to appreciate the people around us more esp our parents. sixth, we got to know a whole lot of people a lot more better. seventh, we could write letters of affirmation to others to make them feel good about themselves. eigth, the last nights of the camps are always the best too. ninth, eat! eat! and EAT! lastly, getting scolded by papa Martin to go to bed.. =)

Day 3 - another beautiful day with everyone around us.. we learnt how to appreciate our friends, family and most of all our RELIGION.. nothing is more fun in the world than being a Catholic and i thank God so much for being born and raised a Catholic, and i am proud to be one.. as the time to leave drew near, we laughed and cried at all the good times we had together there with a whole new experience to bring home.. the place we stayed at may be a run down, old, shabby looking place, but who cares as long as you have the people you love around you? and i quote my angel, Sandy, "it doesnt matter about the place, its not everyday you get to wake up and see the beach in front of you" AMEN!

here are some of the notes people wrote to me.. I LOVE YA'LL..!! Thank you very very much!!! I even got a new nickname.. "SNOOZE!" haha.. =)

"Christina!! Keep smiling cause you bright up many ppl's life with your smile.. stay freindly, cute and rock on k.. God bless you.. =)" - Anne Michelle, my mortal..

"Dear Christina, ur such a nice friend. ur milo today was awesome. haha.. God bless you. take care" - Anonymous.

"Dear Christina, u did an awesome job especially in the preparation of the drinks & games. u are part of the success of this camp. u're very cute & patient. you try to work things out with every possibilities u have. thank you very very're an awesome woman remember that always! i'm glad you came!" - Christine Maryanna, our president..

"Christina...great job & thank you for all the hard work. although i didnt do much for you, i hope my prayers meet you.." - Sandy Chin, my guardian angel..

"Hi annoying alarm clock.. thank you for waking up all of us.. lucky u didnt come inside or else you'll get a present from the guys which is 'PILLOW' haha.. take care.." - Anonymous

"Chrissy! keep smiling and being your happy, bubbly self. and thanks for always being there when i need you" - Amanda Quah

"Dear Christina a.k.a GF, you are my love and my light! hahaha.. anyway, i want you to know that you make my world a better place and you put a smile in everyones face everywhere you go. dont change in being who you are, will always love and treasure you. XOXO. Jesus loves you." - Juan Margrita, my darling!

"Christina, i'm amused by your attitude. you find joy in waking people up..weird..but at least you're happy..WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" - Freddie Wee

and this is the most sweetest of all, i felt like crying..

"Dear cousin, you never fail to light up my day with your bubblyness and sweet smile. although the cuteness was inherited from me but you have an amazing personality. you're always in my prayers.. =)" - Jonathan Gomez, my darling cousin! i sayang him sooo much!! =D

and there's lots more.. of coz i cant write all la.. think i so free ah.. haha.. I cant upload any pics coz there's some server problem or something.. oh well.. just see facebook la k.. anyway, i just wanna say that this has been an amazing and wonderful experience even though it was only for 3 days.. lets put whatever values we've learnt in this camp to use from today onwards and let this not be just like any other camps where we learn things and it'll be back to square one within weeks or even days. lets show everyone what HFC Youth group are.. i miss everyone so very much. take care and God bless.. have a great week! =)

*dreams see us through to forever*
*let go and let GOD*

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