Monday, October 4, 2010

daddy's girl.. =)

exams is finally here..!! gosh.. i know i shouldnt even be here and probably should be studying but I decided this is gonna be my last post till my finals are over unless by any circumstances which i cant handle and have to write, then you'll see me making an appearance here.. =p haha..

so, today my finals is starting.. paper is at 2.30pm which is English For General Purposes.. its not that hard la the paper.. its basically about basic English that we learn in our lives and putting it to use in a paper.. so, for this paper its not really a problem.. wait till the other paper comes.. goshh.. i'm so dead la..

anyway, last Sunday when we went to church, I sat beside daddy la.. which i usually wont.. then it came the time for the 'Our Father' where usually all my family members would hold hands and sing or say the prayer.. when i held my father's hand, i instantly felt this fuzzy feeling inside of me which brought me back to when i was a little girl.. I used to be really close with my dad those days and we suddenly drifted apart as i grew older.. i really miss those days.. 

maybe i dont appreciate my dad enough for everything he's done for me but deep down inside i really do love him a lot an he's someone i really look up to.. yeah la, sometimes he might be too strict and controls what everyone else does but he's also doing it coz he cares for us right? i never really got this in my head.. but seriously, during that 'Our Father' hymn, i was just controlling my tears from flowing coz i really felt like i was gonna burst out any minute.. I just couldnt believe it happened.. sighh~

maybe its a message from Him up there or something huh.. i wouldnt know.. but i really did feel something in me.. i felt like a child all over again.. oh well.. hope that incident gives me the motivation i need to go through my finals.. i know i can do it and i am gonna do it to make my family proud.. =)

i took this pic from the net.. =p

till then everyone, take care..!! =)


  1. aww sweet. I even dedicated my blog's name to my dad. definitely a daddy's little girl, because my sister dah kidnap my mum from me :(


  2. i knowww...=) sighh~ if only it could be those times again.. =( i'm closer with my mum now though..