Tuesday, October 12, 2010


hey bloggie! so guess what, I decided to spend a night at Lynn's house coz she had to come back and coz we didnt have any papers for 2 days.. Alias and Naufal sent us here and they had their own 'bachelor' party over at Alias place together with Amir.. haha.. boys.. at first, I had a heavy heart leaving shah alam and staying here coz its far away and I somehow won't feel that comfy staying in other places.. I need time to get used to it.. yeah, i'm a spoilt brat i know.. =p

Lynn suggested that we go to Mines since its kinda near and we had nothing to do.. so we drove there la in Lynn's Viva which I havent drove for ages.. reached there, we had coffee at Starbucks.. hahaha.. I usually hate Starbucks coz their coffee taste like crap.. Secret Recipe's and Dunkin Donuts are way better.. and yesterday proved my point even more.. I ordered Vanilla Latte and the man made it like his face.. like hello, you're working in a public place, learn how to speak proper English and at least have some SMILE on your face.. people this days ah.. sighh~

after Starbucks, we headed to the cinema and to our dissapointment, the cinema was under renovation and they only played a few lame ass shows which we didnt bother.. so we went to the karaoke place and sang and sang.. I actually dont really like karaoke coz my voice somehow sound like crap when i karaoke.. or maybe my voice is like crap.. sighh~

after karaoke, we went to the arcade and played a few games till we got hungry and headed to the food stalls downstairs.. walk here, walk there and it was so boring already so we continued karaoke-ing.. then we went back to the arcade again, and you know there's this like sweet game right? you pick up the sweets by that machine thing.. Lynn spent like 30 bucks on the thing and we had like 400 sweets plus 3 stuff toys.. so cool..!! you get it way expensive out there and we had it all for 30 bucks..

went back home, and we started counting all the sweets..

the sweets....
hello kitty n snoopy!!

so yeah, we came back at around 4 plus and did nothing for about 2 hours then Lynn's parents brought us out for Pizza at Alamanda.. came back, watched movie and slept.. haha.. we'll be going back to shah alam at about 2 later.. the 'bachelors' are coming to pick us up.. haha.. tomorrow got TRW paper.. should be okay la.. well, thats all from me today.. till then.. bye!

*is it slowly fading? tell me*

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