Friday, October 15, 2010

as we go on, we remember all the times we had together..

hello again..!! I'm seriously having a good blogging mojo coz I keep blogging real often these days.. well, this blogpost is dedicated to my roomates who are all gonna be seperated VERY VERY soon.. =( Ayu, Anis and Lynn.. I'm going to miss you guys.. =( We wouldn't be shifting if it weren't for the house problems and everything.. some big shit la.. sighh~ I better not say anything here coz some things are just better left unsaid.. 

today I was supposed to be studying Multimedia for my final paper tomorrow, but instead me, Lynn and Ayu ended up cleaning up our closet and place and everything.. plus, its gonna be sem break in 2 days time, so might as well just clean up everything.. the house tenant will be bringing me and Lynn to go see the new apartment later.. hopefully its just as clean and nice as this house.. i'm gonna miss it here.. =( but thankfully, the apartment that he's bringing us to see, is the same block with Naufal's and is just 2 floors below his, so if we need anything, we can just like see him or smtg la.. 

this is Ayu..
this is Anis..
and this is Lynn.. 
and thats ME.. =p
*i just had to put my pic too*

so yeah, we were cleaning up our stuff and everything.. and the room was in such a mess.. its amazing the amount of clothes we have, the stuff and everything.. and yet, we still complain we dont have enough of this and that.. hahaha.. girlss.. thats who we are.. =p

my stuff after packing.. =p
mine and Lynn's cupboard..
she took out all her clothes so,
thats only mine in there..
and that also after I packed 2 bags full,
and yet there still more left..
our dressing table and personal items drawer..=p
Ayu and Anis's stuff..
my bed..
haha.. its super messy i know.. =p
mine and Anis's study table..
Lynn, packing her stuff..
our beds.. 
sighh~ i'm gonna miss this room..=(

after all the packing, daddy came and took me out for lunch.. then came back, and i've been sitting here ever since.. I probably should resume back to my studying or else i'll be dead meat tomorrow.. just wanted to dedicate this to Anis,Ayu and Lynn.. I'm gonna miss you guys so much.. all those late nites, talking crap.. laughing our hearts out.. the tears we shed, the early coffee mornings, karaoke days..all the memories of one year together will always be in my memory storage box.. I love you gals..!!! oh, and how can I forget, Athirah too! she was also one of our roomates but she moved out recently too.. sighh!! gonna miss all of you!!

thats Athirah..

oh well, life must go on.. i've still got another 3 years in this place.. everyday is a new day so we just have to look forward and move on with life.. =) *trying to be optimistic* ok ok, i better go study now.. bye people..!! have a great weekend..!! I cant wait to get back home in Kajang!! weeee~!!

*i'm gonna miss you too*

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