Friday, October 29, 2010

true colours~

I see your


and thats why I love you 

random la..sorry..haha..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Faith, Friendship, Freedom..

47 youths from Holy Family Kajang made their way to HFC at around 4.30 pm on the evening of 22nd of October not knowing what they are about to undergo for that 3 days stay there in PD.  As the bus reached Champagnat Youth Center in Port Dickson, everyone's expression was...

"why the grass so unkept wan"
"its like we're going back into the 1950's"
"we going through some sawah padi izzit"
"omg! we're gonna stay here ah?"
" looks like a haunted mansion!"

and so on... i had the same thought as the rest and wasn't really excited with the thought that there'll only be 1 toilet in the girls dorm.. ONE okay.. but then i found out there was six more beside the guy's dorm.. God does miracles doesnt he? so yeah, had our dinner and our first session then we went to bed..

Day 2 - Its always the best day out of the 3 days. Why? first, we had amazing sessions with an amazing speaker, Martin Jalleh. second, we had really good food all day.. third, our praise and worship group rocks! fourth, the games team and the committee did an amazing job and we were all happily rolling around in sand, flour and sea water of course! fifth, the inner healing session made us open our eyes and learn to appreciate the people around us more esp our parents. sixth, we got to know a whole lot of people a lot more better. seventh, we could write letters of affirmation to others to make them feel good about themselves. eigth, the last nights of the camps are always the best too. ninth, eat! eat! and EAT! lastly, getting scolded by papa Martin to go to bed.. =)

Day 3 - another beautiful day with everyone around us.. we learnt how to appreciate our friends, family and most of all our RELIGION.. nothing is more fun in the world than being a Catholic and i thank God so much for being born and raised a Catholic, and i am proud to be one.. as the time to leave drew near, we laughed and cried at all the good times we had together there with a whole new experience to bring home.. the place we stayed at may be a run down, old, shabby looking place, but who cares as long as you have the people you love around you? and i quote my angel, Sandy, "it doesnt matter about the place, its not everyday you get to wake up and see the beach in front of you" AMEN!

here are some of the notes people wrote to me.. I LOVE YA'LL..!! Thank you very very much!!! I even got a new nickname.. "SNOOZE!" haha.. =)

"Christina!! Keep smiling cause you bright up many ppl's life with your smile.. stay freindly, cute and rock on k.. God bless you.. =)" - Anne Michelle, my mortal..

"Dear Christina, ur such a nice friend. ur milo today was awesome. haha.. God bless you. take care" - Anonymous.

"Dear Christina, u did an awesome job especially in the preparation of the drinks & games. u are part of the success of this camp. u're very cute & patient. you try to work things out with every possibilities u have. thank you very very're an awesome woman remember that always! i'm glad you came!" - Christine Maryanna, our president..

"Christina...great job & thank you for all the hard work. although i didnt do much for you, i hope my prayers meet you.." - Sandy Chin, my guardian angel..

"Hi annoying alarm clock.. thank you for waking up all of us.. lucky u didnt come inside or else you'll get a present from the guys which is 'PILLOW' haha.. take care.." - Anonymous

"Chrissy! keep smiling and being your happy, bubbly self. and thanks for always being there when i need you" - Amanda Quah

"Dear Christina a.k.a GF, you are my love and my light! hahaha.. anyway, i want you to know that you make my world a better place and you put a smile in everyones face everywhere you go. dont change in being who you are, will always love and treasure you. XOXO. Jesus loves you." - Juan Margrita, my darling!

"Christina, i'm amused by your attitude. you find joy in waking people up..weird..but at least you're happy..WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" - Freddie Wee

and this is the most sweetest of all, i felt like crying..

"Dear cousin, you never fail to light up my day with your bubblyness and sweet smile. although the cuteness was inherited from me but you have an amazing personality. you're always in my prayers.. =)" - Jonathan Gomez, my darling cousin! i sayang him sooo much!! =D

and there's lots more.. of coz i cant write all la.. think i so free ah.. haha.. I cant upload any pics coz there's some server problem or something.. oh well.. just see facebook la k.. anyway, i just wanna say that this has been an amazing and wonderful experience even though it was only for 3 days.. lets put whatever values we've learnt in this camp to use from today onwards and let this not be just like any other camps where we learn things and it'll be back to square one within weeks or even days. lets show everyone what HFC Youth group are.. i miss everyone so very much. take care and God bless.. have a great week! =)

*dreams see us through to forever*
*let go and let GOD*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

i just need you now =(

and so, my holidays have officically started.. on saturday which was the last day of my paper, I was so damn tired and had so many mixed feelings inside of me coz first, i flopped the paper, second, i was so damn tired due to lack of sleep trying to study that bloody Multimedia paper, third, happy and thanking God exam was over, fifthly, excited that i'll be able to hang out with my buddies before they send me home and lastly, super excited that i was going back home to kajang.

after exam, i came out with that feeling of relieve exam was finally over.. but at the same time, sad coz the paper was tough.. me, naufal, syahmi and a few others waited and waited and waited for amirul to come out.. when he finally did, we took off to fetch fatin and went back to my house so that i can pack my stuff and take everything as i'll be moving to Ilham apartments starting next sem. so yea, went home packed, then the guys came and fetched us, and we headed to Lookout Point at Ampang!! its been my dream to go there since we finished mid sem and it finally came true last saturday. =)

the journey there wasn't that long la.. within half an hour we reached there.. went through some kampung all like as if we going Hari Raya visit oni.. hahahaa.. but it was fun la.. and the roads are scary.. trust me, when you go up there and look at KL, you'll feel like you're in heaven or smtg.. and suddenly you'll feel so proud of Malaysia.. when you're up there only la.. =p HAHAHA!!

the view from Lookout Point..
check out the sun rays..
thanks for the gift of God.. =)

but then we went to early la, if go there at night it'll be awesome! but sadly, i had to go home and the others had plans.. i'm thankful enough to reach up there. sorry for the pic qualities, this was all taken from my phone camera only.. i dont have a dslr YET okay.. =p *hint hint to mummy and daddy, my birthday is on the way you know* we had our meals, which was fairly good.. a bit pricey though but i guess its normal for western food la.

my fish and chips..
the fish was slightly hard..
which was kind of a letdown..
the coleslaw was yummy!!
alias's spaghetti bolgonese..
he gave it a 3.2 outta 4..
which i guess was good.. haha..
naufal's meal set..
he gave the chicken 3.9..
rice 3.5..
and he gave all the coleslaw to me coz i LOVED it..
and also coz he anti-vegi it seems..
monkey.. HAHA!

fatin's grilled chicken chop.
i didnt ask her how it taste..
but i guess it was good..

i didnt get a pic of amir's crunchy chicken chop tho.. after having such a hearty meal, we made our way to kajang! weehoo! another half an hour journey.. they sent me to church coz my family wanted to attend sunset mass, so i made it just in time for mass.. after that and dinner, we headed home and to my suprise, we had new furnitures at home.. it looked kinda cool but i never really like leather sets. looks like i just gotta deal with it.. sunday was PPA in church.. nothing much except tiring..

my agenda for today? facebook, tumblr, twitter, blog, movies.. yeah, thats how lifeless i'll be till this weekend which is HFC YOUTH CAMP! gosh, i cant wait.. and if things go as plan, every weekend will be filled right till i go back to coll.. weee! the holidays just couldnt get any better.. =D

weekend 1 - HFC Youth Camp( in PD)
weekend 2 - Singapore trip!
weekend 3 - PD trip, again!
weekend 4 - either Penang or Melaka, hopefully..
weekend 5 - back to college!!

I hope all this weekends happen la.. or else i like semangat wish for it to happen then see see, tak jadi oso.. haha.. but the sad thing is, only weekends la.. weekdays i'll be doing absolutely nothing.. =( unless someone wants to bring me out.. =p hehe.. well, today i'll be going for colin's grandpa's funeral later. then probably go visit lynn at the hospital. at night, there's rosary in my place.. tomorrow, naufal and alias will be coming down, so thought of bringing them to eat some satay.. =) woots! cant wait! i'll update again when i'm in the mood again k.. till then! have a great week! =D

*i just need you now*

Friday, October 15, 2010

as we go on, we remember all the times we had together..

hello again..!! I'm seriously having a good blogging mojo coz I keep blogging real often these days.. well, this blogpost is dedicated to my roomates who are all gonna be seperated VERY VERY soon.. =( Ayu, Anis and Lynn.. I'm going to miss you guys.. =( We wouldn't be shifting if it weren't for the house problems and everything.. some big shit la.. sighh~ I better not say anything here coz some things are just better left unsaid.. 

today I was supposed to be studying Multimedia for my final paper tomorrow, but instead me, Lynn and Ayu ended up cleaning up our closet and place and everything.. plus, its gonna be sem break in 2 days time, so might as well just clean up everything.. the house tenant will be bringing me and Lynn to go see the new apartment later.. hopefully its just as clean and nice as this house.. i'm gonna miss it here.. =( but thankfully, the apartment that he's bringing us to see, is the same block with Naufal's and is just 2 floors below his, so if we need anything, we can just like see him or smtg la.. 

this is Ayu..
this is Anis..
and this is Lynn.. 
and thats ME.. =p
*i just had to put my pic too*

so yeah, we were cleaning up our stuff and everything.. and the room was in such a mess.. its amazing the amount of clothes we have, the stuff and everything.. and yet, we still complain we dont have enough of this and that.. hahaha.. girlss.. thats who we are.. =p

my stuff after packing.. =p
mine and Lynn's cupboard..
she took out all her clothes so,
thats only mine in there..
and that also after I packed 2 bags full,
and yet there still more left..
our dressing table and personal items drawer..=p
Ayu and Anis's stuff..
my bed..
haha.. its super messy i know.. =p
mine and Anis's study table..
Lynn, packing her stuff..
our beds.. 
sighh~ i'm gonna miss this room..=(

after all the packing, daddy came and took me out for lunch.. then came back, and i've been sitting here ever since.. I probably should resume back to my studying or else i'll be dead meat tomorrow.. just wanted to dedicate this to Anis,Ayu and Lynn.. I'm gonna miss you guys so much.. all those late nites, talking crap.. laughing our hearts out.. the tears we shed, the early coffee mornings, karaoke days..all the memories of one year together will always be in my memory storage box.. I love you gals..!!! oh, and how can I forget, Athirah too! she was also one of our roomates but she moved out recently too.. sighh!! gonna miss all of you!!

thats Athirah..

oh well, life must go on.. i've still got another 3 years in this place.. everyday is a new day so we just have to look forward and move on with life.. =) *trying to be optimistic* ok ok, i better go study now.. bye people..!! have a great weekend..!! I cant wait to get back home in Kajang!! weeee~!!

*i'm gonna miss you too*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


hey bloggie! so guess what, I decided to spend a night at Lynn's house coz she had to come back and coz we didnt have any papers for 2 days.. Alias and Naufal sent us here and they had their own 'bachelor' party over at Alias place together with Amir.. haha.. boys.. at first, I had a heavy heart leaving shah alam and staying here coz its far away and I somehow won't feel that comfy staying in other places.. I need time to get used to it.. yeah, i'm a spoilt brat i know.. =p

Lynn suggested that we go to Mines since its kinda near and we had nothing to do.. so we drove there la in Lynn's Viva which I havent drove for ages.. reached there, we had coffee at Starbucks.. hahaha.. I usually hate Starbucks coz their coffee taste like crap.. Secret Recipe's and Dunkin Donuts are way better.. and yesterday proved my point even more.. I ordered Vanilla Latte and the man made it like his face.. like hello, you're working in a public place, learn how to speak proper English and at least have some SMILE on your face.. people this days ah.. sighh~

after Starbucks, we headed to the cinema and to our dissapointment, the cinema was under renovation and they only played a few lame ass shows which we didnt bother.. so we went to the karaoke place and sang and sang.. I actually dont really like karaoke coz my voice somehow sound like crap when i karaoke.. or maybe my voice is like crap.. sighh~

after karaoke, we went to the arcade and played a few games till we got hungry and headed to the food stalls downstairs.. walk here, walk there and it was so boring already so we continued karaoke-ing.. then we went back to the arcade again, and you know there's this like sweet game right? you pick up the sweets by that machine thing.. Lynn spent like 30 bucks on the thing and we had like 400 sweets plus 3 stuff toys.. so cool..!! you get it way expensive out there and we had it all for 30 bucks..

went back home, and we started counting all the sweets..

the sweets....
hello kitty n snoopy!!

so yeah, we came back at around 4 plus and did nothing for about 2 hours then Lynn's parents brought us out for Pizza at Alamanda.. came back, watched movie and slept.. haha.. we'll be going back to shah alam at about 2 later.. the 'bachelors' are coming to pick us up.. haha.. tomorrow got TRW paper.. should be okay la.. well, thats all from me today.. till then.. bye!

*is it slowly fading? tell me*

Thursday, October 7, 2010

of exams and things in between..

hello..!! =D so, as some of you know, i've started my exams already... 2 papers down and 3 more to go.. the first paper wasn't that bad la.. the 2nd paper was errmm..bad.. i managed to answer all the questions like semangatly and turned out most of it was wrong.. oh well, lets just hope for the best.. forget about this paper and concentrate on the other three more to come.. I came back after the paper and slept for 4 hours straight.. =p *tired okay!*

well, last night, one of our classmates, Syahmi, had a small open house at his place.. it was fun.. :) meeting up with all our fellow classmates and just chilling.. p.s. this dude can cook okay.. his 'Ayam Masak Hitam' *racist* is so good..!! crap, didnt get a pic of that.. nvm, someday in the future.. left there at about 10 plus.. Naufal sent me home.. had some small misunderstanding with him that made me soooooo GERAM..!! thank goodness everything is okay now.. or maybe i'm pmsing.. =( gosh, i hate this.. 

so, came back home then onlined a while till 12 then i went to bed.. i woke up at sharp 8 today.. haha.. tepat tepat 8 hours of sleep.. =) and now I have no idea what to do for the whole day.. probably just sit in my room and study, blast some mucic, dance to Single Ladies, eat, sleep, cry, emo.. yeah, probably thats my agenda for today.. I shall now leave you with some photos before I say tata.. =)

wok as the cameraman..
kak syu-ainul-arifah
the boys..
they jokingly said Khai(the guy with the songkok like)
was from JAIS.. haha.. clowns..
makannnn!!!! =p
with the girls..
me-aten-fong-pams-lin-half of clarice body.. =p
one small happy family.. =p
mummy n daddy! (aten n amir)
with alias and wok.. =(
goodbyes... =(

thats about it la.. there's like 133 pics.. i just put the ones with me in it.. HAHA! =p like duhhhh, its my blog rite, why would I wanna post so many pics of other people all.. a few would do already.. haha.. go see on facebook! =D till then ppl, tata! have a great weekend!

P.S, guys! please help my friend, Amanda Janelle Quah.. she trying to win Paramore tics.. haha.. just go to this link HERE and click 'Like' k.. =) thanks everyone! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

daddy's girl.. =)

exams is finally here..!! gosh.. i know i shouldnt even be here and probably should be studying but I decided this is gonna be my last post till my finals are over unless by any circumstances which i cant handle and have to write, then you'll see me making an appearance here.. =p haha..

so, today my finals is starting.. paper is at 2.30pm which is English For General Purposes.. its not that hard la the paper.. its basically about basic English that we learn in our lives and putting it to use in a paper.. so, for this paper its not really a problem.. wait till the other paper comes.. goshh.. i'm so dead la..

anyway, last Sunday when we went to church, I sat beside daddy la.. which i usually wont.. then it came the time for the 'Our Father' where usually all my family members would hold hands and sing or say the prayer.. when i held my father's hand, i instantly felt this fuzzy feeling inside of me which brought me back to when i was a little girl.. I used to be really close with my dad those days and we suddenly drifted apart as i grew older.. i really miss those days.. 

maybe i dont appreciate my dad enough for everything he's done for me but deep down inside i really do love him a lot an he's someone i really look up to.. yeah la, sometimes he might be too strict and controls what everyone else does but he's also doing it coz he cares for us right? i never really got this in my head.. but seriously, during that 'Our Father' hymn, i was just controlling my tears from flowing coz i really felt like i was gonna burst out any minute.. I just couldnt believe it happened.. sighh~

maybe its a message from Him up there or something huh.. i wouldnt know.. but i really did feel something in me.. i felt like a child all over again.. oh well.. hope that incident gives me the motivation i need to go through my finals.. i know i can do it and i am gonna do it to make my family proud.. =)

i took this pic from the net.. =p

till then everyone, take care..!! =)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

half of my heart...

hey there bloggie..!! this is a new record.. me blogging 3 days in a row.. haha.. well, lets just say I suddenly got that blogging mojo back in me and hopefully i'll keep blogging more often and not leave my poor blog dead.. =) Well, its Saturday today.. 2nd day of October.. i'm loving it so far.. not much complains.. well, what i did today was wake up, on my lappy and resume downloading the Letters To Juliet which I have been trying to download for the past 2 months.. always also when its towards the end, suddenly it will stop downloading.. sighh.. i'm really crossing my fingers for this one to download completely this time..

had breakfast then mummy wanted to go to church to do the breakfast corner thingy.. so followed and helped her.. before that, we stopped by Metro Kajang to get some stuff.. I ended up buying 3 new nail polish.. =p I was planning to do french manicure la.. i'll explain later.. so, after church, went home and helped mummy to wash the clothes, dry the clothes, and I even cooked lunch today.. *i'm such a good child* :p haha.. then mummy had to send Joel and Cat for their Tae Kwon Do classes.. just 5 minutes after she left, daddy came back from work.. and I was dreading seeing him.. simply because I was irresponsible with a few things and I knew he was gonna give me left and right about it..

true enough, while having lunch he asked me bout my phone bill which really went over the limit last month.. yes, i admit it was my fault.. i happily use the phone without even thinking twice about everything while using it.. then last week, my zone and Anne's zone were supposed to have out Y2Y at church but it was canceled last min coz there weren't enough people.. daddy booked 2 courts in the hall under my name and i totally forgot to tell him that everything was canceled.. then in the evening after sending him to the airport(coz he was going to Myanmar), he called me and asked what happened to the Y2Y and all la.. i said it was canceled.. and he said i could have at least informed him and now there's ppl in church waiting to play but cant play coz the courts are supposedly booked by me.. 

so that matter also i kena nicely left and right.. then the last one was, remember we had that talk in church by Martin Jalleh for all the youths in May? daddy ordered curry puffs and some kuih for tea la.. and the tupperware, the mak cik asked me to keep 1st la.. so i did, and again i forgot to tell daddy bout it.. then yest she called daddy and asked about the tupperware.. again la, i kena another round of bombarding from him.. sighh~ i am totally irresponsible and cant do anything right la.. =(

after all that nagging, i came up to my room and changed the bedsheet and mattress all... then i had nothing to do, and wasnt feeling sleepy so i decided to do some friendship bracelet thing which has been lying in my cupboard since last Christmas.. I managed to do two only la.. then i got lazy..

the friendship bracelet kit..

the first finished one..

the second finished one..

after i got tired of that.. I decided to paint my nails and toe nails.. i've been wanting to do french manicure for a long time already and i kept my fingernails long coz of that.. I took out la all the colours i had and wondered what to paint my toe nails.. started to do the french manicure on my last two fingers and it failed i decided to just paint it transparent.. thats the best.. plus, my skin tone isnt helping.. if i'm fair then any colour ok la.. butttt... sighhh~

the nail polishes.... =p

the failed frech manicure..

so yeah, i painted my toe nails brown colour instead.. didnt take pic of that though.. I'm supposed to be out now.. =( Naufal wanted to come down to Kajang coz he's alone in Shah Alam.. and all our other friends also went back to their houses and no one is there this week.. His sis went back to Penang with their parents yesterday so he's left alone.. he wanted to come down but its kinda far and thank goodness he didnt also.. after all the nagging i had, i think i'll be grounded till my exams are over.. =( so, i'll just be seeing him and everyone on Monday only i guess.. later, i'll be going to Melissa's grandmother's house for the 7th day prayers.. tmr, church and dinner at Uncle Jerry's place at night.. then probably back to Shah Alam la..

Next week final exam d.. =( need to study!! as it is my mid sem results sucked.. whoever said English was easy can go hang themselves.. it is NOT easy at all.. if this is hard, i cant imagine those Law and Medical students.. oh well, thats life.. full of trials.. okay, i better get off now before i get another round of nagging.. see you soon!! All The Best for all those sitting for exams! God bless.. =)

btw, the new season of Glee ROCKS!!! =D

*you're the traffic in my head
there's just too much to forget*